Not quite yet a National Treasure but with many miles on the clock, Grannymar is more your vintage Roles Royce or Austin Princess.

Daughters – 1,

Son-in-Law – 1,

Siblings – 5,

Relations – millions,

Animals – none unless you count spiders!

Toy boys – Now that would be telling.

Likes: People, travel, food, wine, G&T, singing and laughter.

My kinda people are: caring, friendly, good mannered and have a good sense of humour.

Hates: Bad manners, loud music, ageing, aches & pains, having to take pills to keep me going. 

I have said it before and I say it again; Commenter’s are the life blood of blogging. You are the people who inspire me on a daily basis and feed my thoughts with topics and subjects to blog about.


14 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Grannymar,

    I’m promoting a contest for a national home builder that is specifically for people 55 and older that I thought would be a good fit for your fans.

    The Greater Than My Age contest is for a new 55 plus community that’s opening in Broomfield, Colorado called Skyestone, by Taylor Morrison Homes.

    The contest is open to people who are over 55 and residing in the United States. To enter, contestants simply share a short paragraph about what makes them great, including hobbies, accomplishments (big and little), professions, past-times or whatever they feel makes them greater than their age.

    (section deleted by blog owner)

    Best regards,

    Christy Stevens

    • Hi Christy,

      I have edited your comment above.

      First off, I am not a resident of the United States of America and secondly my blog is not a platform for free business advertising.

  3. I like your bio and I second your likes and dislikes. Also, you mentioned spiders and that caught my attention. We (primarily my husband) have several tarantulas. I’m going to jump over now and read a few of your posts. Glad to ‘meet’ you!

    • Thank you Barbara, This one comes when I am about to pull in my blogging horns and reduce the number of days I produce a post. A couple of years ago I changed the rules on these awards, If there are questions, I answer them, link back to the gift-er, then leave it open to others to accept if they so wish.

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