Our Children

As the mother of a 35 year old daughter, I am proud to admit that I devoted my attentions to the first eighteen years of her life. I did not go out to work, but gave time when she was at school, to charity volunteering. We had none of the modern gadgets that are considered compulsory in the world of today, yet she was helped to progress at every level. If research was needed for a project, we took her to the library. We fed her books, as did her teachers, she loved school and made plenty of friends. When my husband died following a six year illness, I went back to work, but often felt resentment from working mothers. Being a parent is a privilege, and we need to remember that time given to children is like paying forward to the future.

Where did that come from? It was a comment I made on an interesting blog post this morning. Well worth a read, I think:

Your Attention Matters


I had planned to focus on Ada Lovelace Day.

Today is the fifth annual international day celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). I have taken part each year since 2009, but my old blog is offline and therefore I am unable to link to the previous posts.

Toyboys are tampering with my old blog in a nice way and perhaps I’ll wake up one morning to find all 2,000 and odd posts magically appearing here at this blog address.  

This year Ada Lovelace Day is receiving plenty of coverage across the media –

If you are interested in how the day will be marked in UK then Finding Ada might help!

No offence to Ada, but I am trying to have a self imposed pre-technology few days, working away on finishing off a project or two.