I have made a decision!

Blogs that are of the ‘Blogger’ family, I will read, but no longer attempt to post a comment.


I hate the way the powers that be make commenting so unfriendly and almost want to know what I had for breakfast before they allow me to add my pathetic tuppence worth. I gave up jumping hurdles yonks ago. Life is too short!

Call me crabby if you wish, but I have had enough.


37 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. I have not had a problem with Blogger comments, but I sometimes do with WordPress, if I forget my password for it.

    • Judy, why would you have trouble with a Blogger blog? You use that platform. I know that once in a blue moon logs me out and I have to log in again, but it is a simpler process altogether.

      Recently On some blogger Blogs, particularly those with a captcha thingy and/or moderation and fill in the necessary info only to have another screen pop up asking for other non necessary information. I am not a spy, I visit for fun and friendship. This is becoming like a school examination.

  2. Have to agree Grannymar – that horrible captcha thingy with the unfathomable letters is a pain in the a……and then to see comment moderation come after it begins to make you wonder if the blogger with the site actually wants comments at all
    There are times when I resort to using my old blogger ID and often the hurdles still have to be jumped
    Not quite a determined as you so I will carry on regardless. It does take a lot of the fun away tho!

    • Cathy, at least the numbers are easier to read than the letters. I refuse to use my old blogger ID, the link leads people to outerspace and not back to my blog. What use is that?!

      • Agree the new number system is easier. I didn’t delete or close my old blog – ( just don’t post there because blogger says we use an outdated OS and must change to Chrome) copied everything to the new w/press one.

        I only use the bloggerID if there is no w/press thingy and my blogger ID goes to the last post where I have a link to the new one. Roundabout way I suppose – most people click on the link so I win in a way.
        However my patience only stretches so far

  3. I agree with you. I won’t jump over hoops to comment. I have completely stopped commenting on some blogs, because of the difficulty, and I usually notify the bloggers of the reason I’m not commenting, even though I enjoy what they have to say. After all, it’s their choice, not Blogger’s and if they want to make it difficult, so be it. I’ll eventually just stop reading those blogs, I think.

  4. Oh, I’m not aware that commenting on my (Blogger) blog is a problem. Do tell me if there’s a particular problem I need to look at. I don’t have any word check and I don’t have comment moderation except for posts over two weeks old, so commenting should be fairly straightforward.

  5. I agree, Grannymar. It’s awful. First you think out a reply (even if only in two minutes flat) to then find you can’t read the damn whatever it is they want you to type to prove you are not a robot. Then you type. And bingo. What do you know: Gone. Not so much with the wind as bloody flooding my teacup.

    As you pointed out: Life is too short. If I may paraphrase: My thoughts are not so worthy as to repeat them. To jump through the hoops. And again.


  6. I use Blogger, only because that is where I started. I’m not fond of it mainly because I cannot reply to each comment separately. I hope you don’t have problems posting comments on my page.

  7. I’m with you on this one Grannymar. I’ve just tried to leave a comment at one blog, and that stupid ‘captcha’ keeps telling me that I can’t read !

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