Sunday One Liners ~ 16

Rain drops

‘Life isn’t about how to survive the storm,
But how to dance in the rain.’


12 thoughts on “Sunday One Liners ~ 16

  1. Thats a fabulous one considering the amount of rain thats fallen on the UK this past few months lol
    Are there many people out dancing in the rain near you Grannymar??

  2. Interesting how those that live where it rains a lot don’t seem to use umbrellas. My WA crew always say they can spot a tourist because they have a umbrella!

    • Years of almost having been poked in the eye of umbrellas carried by other people, having to stretch my arm and umbrella above the level of others, thus having their drips run down my arms. drove to leaving them at home. I stick to a hood or hat in wet weather.

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