In the Pink

Way back in the annals of time… well it feels like that, even though it was only October 2012. I featured this little number.

Caplet experiment - A disaster!

Caplet experiment – A disaster!

It was an experiment.

The idea was good.

Now I know a bad workman/woman blames their tools, but this time the yarn was atrocious. It was only as I was working that I discovered it was a ball made of bits of yarn!  I didn’t bring it back to the shop, since I bought it from a bargain lot and had it in my yarn stash for a long time. I decided to use it up and see if I could manage a garment with it.

The yarn was too thick and almost impossible to hide the ends no matter how I tried to work them in. Nevertheless, I managed to make the garment above. It was a disaster. So I binned it!

In July, the same year, I featured another idea I worked from my head.

Knitted tunic in the round

Knitted tunic in the round

This time the knitted tunic was finished, but not the success I hoped it to be. The yarn and the stitch were not so compatible. My tunic grew dropped by the hour. Before it grew long enough to trip me up, I cast it aside. Eventually, I decided to unpick the garment and re-use the yarn.

Thus the reflection you saw in my back door the other day.



With the positive reaction to the pink cardie, I decided to focus on it in this post.

How better to do that, than with a video.

This video lasts about 15 minutes, I hope you find it helpful.

24 thoughts on “In the Pink

  1. Thank you for sharing the video! It is an amazingly beautiful cardie, I just about fainted when you turned it around to show the back!! but my crochet talents go as far as baby blankets. Care to make me one????(U.S.dollars please!) Pink is my favorite color!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Beautiful cardigan, and I admire how creative you are in finding the right thing for you and the yarn.

  3. Awesome! Though I doubt I’ll have a “go”. I was surprised, however, that I remember a lot of the knitting lingo from the 70s when I was having a go at knitting. I appreciated that offhand remark near the beginning about being colder than some. I have similar problems and now I understand for the same reason. Not much extra fat to keep me warm. Now I feel better!

    • That layer of natural insulation makes all the difference. I never had it, thus my overcoat is a ‘walk-in-bed’ the filling is down & feathers – The best investment I ever made!

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