Reflecting reflection

Working in my kitchen one evening last week, I caught my reflection in the back door.

Reflecting reflection

Reflecting reflection

I do enjoy my new phone, but the quality of photographs is not good. It makes me want to rub my eyes to clear them – a reminder of pre cataract surgery days.

Two pet days of calm, dry and 5°C sunshine were just a tease. I managed to go for a walk, stop for a coffee, was introduced by a very proud Dad to his new three week old daughter and then had my thatch chopped.

Today, it is back to the dreary rain soaked greyness. It rained all night and still pours down around me.

watering the garden

watering the garden

Needing distraction I went in search of a new business card…..

New Business Card

New Business Card

My new Business card came from here.


UPDATE: Al thinks (in the comments) I am adorable! I wonder  if this is what he means:



33 thoughts on “Reflecting reflection

    • WWW, the hair has now gone, far to heavy. The cardie was a total experiment. Body (front & back) all worked in one piece and the sleeves added later. I am not entirely happy with the sleeves, but great for working about the house. Might focus on it a little more next week.

  1. I’ve been less than happy with many of the photos from my iphone. However, it IS less intrusive than my regular camera when taking pictures out in public. I think, for me, it’s a matter of it not being properly focused when I snap the image.

    Our weather is supposed to warm back up to normal winter temperatures. We’ve been below freezing for nearly a week now it seems and the next several days will seem quite balmy, I think. When I was digging for and patching that cracked pipe the other day, the temperature stayed at 27°F all day long with light rain or sleet, but with layering and a temporary shelter, I was able to stay almost too warm. The crack was on a PVC coupling and was not due to freezing — buried too deep for that. I installed that line a little over 25 years ago.

    • Glad you were able to source the leak and repair it, Mike. Water leaks can be tricky. My sister struggles with one on a regular basis. The water shows up in her driveway, yet when the pipe was excavated, there was no problem inside her boundary. The council, refuse to own up to the problem either. Big headache.

  2. I don’t know what’s worse, to have a friend who is a seat warmer, a model plane enthusiast, or an emitter of fragrance, probably the latter. Love your reflected self. How appropriate for this piece. Dianne

  3. Reminds me of those photos where there’s a reflection of a reflection of a reflection, receding into the distance.

    Indeed, a very flattering photo, even if the quality isn’t razor-sharp. In fact you look about twenty years younger….

  4. *deeply sympathetic* I know how painful it can be just catching a finger in a door. Catching your whole reflection …
    The UK automatic sprinkler system does seem to be overdoing it.

    • Most evenings lately I dropped the blinds quite early to hide the gloom outside. That particular evening I forgot and decided to capture the moment. The cardie fitted well into ‘the frame’

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