For a friend in a dark place


What you do today...

Take the first step


Do not let people upset you

Don't get upsetAnd Finally…..

Be thankful



19 thoughts on “For a friend in a dark place

    • At the end of the day, what other people think of us, is not our affair. It is their problem. Maxi, I thought the baby was cute.

  1. I don’t know your friend’s problem but I would like to also add this: just remember, it may be a bad day, or month, or year, but it’s not a bad life. Just hang in there until the clouds lift; which they will!

  2. Yep, I AM thankful to be here….. even as I work to reestablish my blog that I lost overnight and ponder the necessity to go outside and dig up part of my water line to repair a water leak — at 27°F (-3°C) — before the snow and/or freezing rain starts. Thankful to be here, indeed. 😉

  3. Life is. Whether it is a good or a bad life is being judgmental and almost all our problems come from that single failing. I sympathise with your friend in the dark place. Darkness cannot remain dark for ever. Light has to come and it will. Your prescriptions will follow if that non judgmental patience can be found.

    • Dianne, I know that one only too well! Our day was dry and mild so I went for a walk, the body objected, so I took refuge in my favourite coffee shop and hid behind a mug of coffee for an hour, then I was ready to face the hill home!

    • I remember the day my husband died, after a long illness, I said: If I can get through this, I’ll get through anything life throws at me! I am managing so far.

  4. Intellectually I agree 100% with your post.. Unfortunately personal demons do not always react/respond the same for everyone. Sometimes simply taking that first step results in being a wind-up duck stuck in a corner on a road to nowhere. That said, yours is a philosophy well worth emulating.

  5. All good advice. Like Chuck (above) says, it’s not always easy to see it when you’re closed in to the dark place. If it weren’t for the rocks in its bed, the river would have no song.

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