I’ve been found out!

A last hat tip to the festive season of last year. Yes, I know. I know it was only last week, but some of you have muzzy fuzzy heads and are not sure what day it is never mind which year, so where was I and what was I up to?

Well, Elly did catch me with my arm around an elf when she was with me a few weeks ago.

I found me an elf!

I found me an elf!

So….. What about the big day?

That Elly wan and all the family think I was sitting at home on my own with my one mince pie and a little glass of wine, but… should I tell them what I was really up to?

I think I have to since I was rumbled.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa

It was Nancy L who sent this one to me, Do you think she was in cahoots with Mayo?

26 thoughts on “I’ve been found out!

    • With the wind tossed look, I was surprised the elf came near me, Thankfully the tresses were clipped and tamed a couple of days later.

  1. How cute – elfie to boot…

    These smart phones are every darn where…in the old days you had to have another type of gadget which as soon as it was pointed it was sure to be a photo – if the photo processing company got it right…

    • I don’t think my new phone take as good a quality photo as the last one, Beats waiting to finish a roll of film before the long wait to have it developed.

  2. I know the last picture is what you really look like, but I am concerned. I notice that your right leg has broken! You can tell us. Did the elf get rough?

  3. Elly must be having an apoplectic fit with all the mischief that you have been up to. And, I too suspect that there is a conspiracy between Nancy L and Mayo. All strength to both of them,

    • Alice, where did you put your glasses? Oh, wait now there is an advantage to the poorer quality of photos from my cell phone! 😉

  4. Now that’s what I call having a good time! The elf was a very cute one, wasn’t he? A sense of humor and a little naughtiness can get us through the year in great style! Lead the way! 🙂

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