Our local weather department are warning us of a cold snap over the next few days:

Could be pretty Major storm on the way for Monday which could last well into Christmas eve. Warnings will be issued tomorrow, advice is to stay tuned to forecasts and warnings especially if you have travel plans. This looks to be quite an exceptional storm, which is likely hit not just us here in NI but the whole of the UK. It is currently affecting parts of Canada causing disruption to travel and power supplies. It will quickly move across the Atlantic to affect us over the Christmas period. Keep an eye out for warnings folks.

The snow has already started in Ballyboughal, just north of Dublin, and many other places north of that. Time to light the fire and bunker down for the duration.

I hope it does not end up as cold as in the header, a photo through one of my windows a couple of years ago.


34 thoughts on “Brrrr!

    • The snow has started! The fire is glowing and I am safe and warm. This is the reason I prefer to stay home at Christmas. Elly, George and I can celebrate when the weather improves, the days are longer and the travelling less stressful.

  1. Stay safe and warm. Our friends in Ontario are having a rough time with all the trees down and power outages.

    We are lucky it is so mild in Newfoundland – just soft snow and we are out in it all the time.

    Fire+crafts+good music+good food= nothing like it.


    • WWW, I was never a snow bird, in my book, snow is for pretty pictures. I have a few projects in mind to keep me going, not decided which one to kick off with.

      Enjoy the holiday time with your girls!

    • Ramana, I have enough food for a siege and plenty of fuel for the fire.

      Gosh, that is cold weather for you. Mind you, we had several days when it only reached 2 or 3Β°C, since the snow started it has moved upwards to 4Β°C.

      Keep those metal hips warm.

    • Col, the first flurries were enough to wet the ground, the fun will start in the next hour or so as it freezes, there there will be a base for the next round to stick to. 😦

  2. Beautiful picture, but brrr. Our advertised freezing rain passed us by last night hooray. Stay safe and warm. I no longer travel this time of year but then much of my family is close by.

    • Celia, we have listened to forecasts for a really bad winter since early November. So far we have had a few stormy nights, I am as prepared as I can be – fuel for the fire, candles for light, a camping gas stove and plenty of food.

      Elly & George wanted to drive up and take me down to their house for Christmas. I said no. There are too many stressed people behind the wheels of cars at this time of year, add poor daylight and bad road conditions. I do not want to be responsible for them having an accident. We will skype each other on the big day.

  3. I saw that there was nasty winter weather headed your way. I hope that it is much less severe than predicted.

    Our weather warmed up for a week. Now we’re back to near freezing. The bad winter weather from this last storm just gave us lots of rain. All the freezing stuff was to the north and to the west of us.

  4. Well, the weather people have been predicting dire weather for Northern Ireland for weeks but so far it’s been pretty normal. If there really is atrocious weather this week, at least most of us will be hunkered down at home with a glass of wine and a good movie. I’m sure you’re very well prepared for inclement weather, Marie.

  5. That pic looks really icy! We’re in New Jersey for Christmas, and so far, the weather is very mild. Let’s hope it stays this way. πŸ™‚ A very Merry Christmas to you. xx

  6. Glad to hear you are buttoned up, warm, and prepared. I chose not to travel this year as well. Too many crazies on the road, and I’m needed more here. Merry Christmas Sweet Lady!

    • Yesterday’s snow was just a damp squib.I never liked being on the roads at this time of year, far to many stressed people out there charging about on the roads without due care and attention.

      Hope your festivities include some fun and laughter. See you on the other side!

  7. Here on the North Kent Coast the storm hit us this morning. I’m sitting here watching a big tree bending in the wind and listening to the sirens ! … ;-(

  8. I don’t know why I hit “like” because it would sure make my Christmas interesting if we suddenly got “winter” here. We have gorgeous sun, slight cooling breeze, even more than normal at this time of the year.

    Apparently tomorrow, 25th, will dawn with showers/overcast and then clear…

    The problem with prediction in my region, it is a narrow isthmus of the North Island which is fluctuates between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. Enduring at this time of year, tail end of tropical weather further North…

    • It was a noisy night outside last night, so far there is no snow at my level and the power still works. Fingers crossed for the rest of the day. I am well prepared, better that than scatting about looking for candles, matches etc.

      Enjoy your time no matter where you are or how you spend it. Stay warm, dry and well fed. and a Happy, Healthy 2014 to you, Cathy.

  9. It is very mild here in France where my hubby and I are at the moment on a 2 year contract. We live normally in Germany which is also unusually warm for over Christmas time. Merry Christmas to you. Enjoy the fetive time.

    • It has calmed down again now. Several efforts to snow have come to nothing at this level, although I can see a sprinkling on the hills in the distance. Ready to close the curtains and look inward. The fire is brightly blazing, time to pour a drink and relax.

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