through the past few days:

I hope you enjoyed walking along with me. You can click to enlarge any of the photos

26 thoughts on “Sauntering

    • Good, Maxi. Today was very different, overcast all day, I managed a walk dodging the rain on the way home. Home now and the fire is glowing in the hearth. Time to look inward.

    • Today it looked rather dreary with low grey cloud and spitting rain. It has been a couple of months since I was last there and the young trees were a surprise for me yesterday.

  1. I like the exercise machines. They seem to be quite common in parks nowadays. I’d like to see some in my local park.

  2. Beautiful walk, it has been gorgeous here with 70’s & 80’s temps. The trees & shrubs are starting to turn vivid colors, but we need rain badly…

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