Hello! Hello!

Yesterday we had 3 degrees. Brrrr! Today we are down to 2°C!

I have been awake since 05:30, but stayed under the covers for another five hours and sure who would blame me? I have no work to go to and not a child in the house to wash.

While Nurse Hitler was here with me earlier in the week, I used her expertise to guide me in the purchase of a new mobile phone. She is not a fan of ‘i’s. An android was her suggestion, so I now possess a Samsung galaxy S3 mini. I still keep the same number – that makes life so easy.

Samsung Galaxy S3-mini

Samsung Galaxy S3-mini

Having Elly here certainly helped me to discover the wonders of my new toy. Together we culled my contact list, there is no point in adding the numbers of people who seem to think I am dead, or those who no longer bother to call me.

So the updated list of contacts has been transferred, I have access to my browser for email, blog, maps and search engines. A few apps have been added such as Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp.

To date I made one phone call, sent a text, posted on my Facebook timeline, from a coffee shop and used the camera and posted a couple of photos straight to Facebook including this photo of a roaring fire, in my fireplace!

My cosy log fire

My cosy log fire

My cosy and warm real log fire yesterday, just before I closed up the curtains for the evening and switched on the lights. It really brings the room to life!

I tried Whatsapp out with Barbara, my niece, and it worked well.

This morning Skype buzzed at me, it was my brother in Australia. On went the video and we chatted away from the palm of my hand, for 45 minutes. It felt like he was sitting on the end of my bed, chatting comfortably as we would have done when we all lived at home.

I think, I will enjoy my new phone, without becoming a slave to it!

I wonder…. if Singing Sam* can make a cup of coffee and a sandwich?

* All my gadgets have toy boy names, you know that already!


27 thoughts on “Hello! Hello!

  1. lol 🙂 – guess what. Jo gave me the same telephone for my birthday 2 weeks ago – but HELP, I can not get to grips with this new gadget – sooo complicated (at least for my little brain) Our toys do not have names (yet), but our cars are always called “Henry”, for the past 30 years!!! 🙂 Carina

    • Carina, you should have said SNAP!

      Elly’s help certainly made working my way round the phone much easier. Mind you the day after she went home my mind went blank. I felt I had lost my phone security blanket! I am no expert with it yet, but try to learn something new every day.

      Take a deep breath and you will be fine.

  2. Amazing how “telephone” technology has evolved over one’s lifetime.

    We don’t use our fireplace much. It seldom get cold enough and, when we do use it, it keeps the heat at the thermostat for the house above the setpoint for turning on and the rest of the house gets cold. That being said, we’ve used it twice so far this year — on days I’ve had the kitchen windows out to put the new bigger ones in.

    Three more mild days and then we’re supposed to get sub-freezing temperatures at night — way too early for this far south.

    • There have certainly been some changes, Mike. From a handset that weighed as much as a baby 😉 to a mobile of a few ounces that almost disappears in your hand.

      When chatting to my brother in Australia this morning, we reminisced about when he went to over thirty four years ago, the phones were fixed and a call cost a pound a minute to call Ireland!

      I think our ‘warmish weather is over’ it has remained 2°C all day!

  3. That fireplace is so lively and cheery ~ definitely designed to get you through the winter to spring. And your cozy Skype in bed almost makes me want to get a smarter phone.

    • I had hesitated for long enough about up-dating my phone. Finally the time was right. Now, I can sit by the fire and talk across the world!

  4. So Jealous of your fire!!! We have a lovely log stove in the garden waiting to be installed (for about the last 2 years 😦 Maybe when the heating bills get too high? I’ve been off work for 4 weeks now so really could do with a reduction in the fuel bills! Will show him indoors your lovely photo! Enjoy the phone 🙂

    • The log stoves are all the rage at the moment and I believe they give off great heat.

      You have had a rough time, I hope you feel better real soon.

      • me too!

        I’ve cut out dairy, wheat & sugar (my cholesterol level is 6.75!) and am trying to get better….. daily ginger, elderberry & echinacea shots…. vitamin B12, iron, Folic acid….. what more can i do? Maybe 5 weeks of summer mid winter will help!!

          • I do wonder sometimes!

            Lots of warm drinks (no caffeine either!)

            Definitely hope fires have moved on, I have difficulty enough stopping coughing as it is!!

  5. You certainly got the hang of that, fast. You can get a massage from it, too. Just set it to ‘vibrate’ and ring that number from another phone!

    • Col, I have that sorted! My last phone was on vibrate all the time, That way , my pocket told me when I had a call, even when in a noisy place. 😀

  6. Yes, I’m impressed with your savvy speed for the latest electronic wonder, too! I recently succumbed to a gadget too, in my case the iPhone, my choice since everyone else in the family use them already and so I have lots of willing helpers to help! I now must carry a small purse, or a cross-tie version of one to keep it in when I’m out, lest I lose it someplace. It’s an expensive toy after all. I must say it’s been nice to whip out when waiting for something or someone and read rather than look at old issues of magazines doctors’ waiting rooms excel in, but I did warn family–don’t call me on the mobile UNLESS IT’S AN EMERGENCY. I HATE USING TELEPHONES!!!! 😛

    • Alice, I still feel like I am working at snails pace with the phone. A cross tie purse/bag is a good idea for your phone. For years now my phone has made a home in the left hand pocket of any jacket, coat or trousers that I wear. Now, I am off to think about and plan a pattern for a little cross tie bag to wear on the days I have shallow pockets!

  7. Wonderful cheerful post. I love my new iPhone. Going to find the Facebook App. I already have the Weight Watchers App, and it works. I love a good fireplace, but alas we have none. I visit my daughter for a fire. Dianne

    • I am sitting by a crackling fire as I type, it is actually very comforting. these little phones are amazing compared to the old ones we had when I was growing up.

  8. Love a real wood fireplace or stove, miss mine terribly. Good for you getting a new phone. I’ve had mine for a year and don’t know how to do half the things I should. Must go into the store and have them show me a thing or three!

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