What next?

I finally finished my Saturday series of photographing the alphabet. What next?

Change is all around me:
• The seasons are changing. Autumn colours and rustling leaves are all around
• Temperatures dropping with a definite ‘Brrr!’ to the air.
• Soon it will be time to turn back the clocks, leaving us with fewer hours of daylight.

Autumn Lace

Autumn Lace

Maybe it is a hidden message… To make changes…….

Shuffle the furniture.
Finish the started projects.
Find a new challenge.
Join a nunnery.
Give up blogging.
Close the front door and become a nomad.

Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory

Any other suggestions?

18 thoughts on “What next?

    • Al, My father used to tease me when I was a young schoolgirl, about joining the Poor Clare’s, an enclosed order of nuns. Getting up at 2.am, to dig a foot of my grave, was enough to put me off for life! 😆

  1. Begin the countdown to Spring . . . working from Z to A. Oh, not enough of a change? Get thee to a nunnery . . . NOT!

    A nomadic lifestyle holds some appeal. But I must have a comfortable bed each night.

    • I think I need to start that countdown quick. I heard a long term forecast for the UK, and the promise of the worst winter for 100 years, does not bear thinking about. If I swam across the pond, I could spend the winter visiting Bloggers in the Southern States!

  2. I love the change of seasons! Makes me feel brand new with each season that comes around! I get to enjoy the circle of life over and over and over again!
    I feel inspired, I feel cheery, I feel excited! A constant in my life when I feel the rewards of all my hard work and accomplishments. I get to share with those I love those rewards and this gives me great satisfaction and happiness. 😀

    • Mere, I used to love Autumn, I always felt my body woke up and was ready for winter activities. Feeling as cold as I do, puts a different colour on things.

  3. Being a nomad is fun and exciting…(in my younger traveling days) but I must have a home to come home to. My home is very important to me. Everyone I care about…can find me there! They know I will always be there for them. A comforting shoulder, a hug, and oh those holidays! 🙂

  4. Clocks have changed here – now on summer time even tho it’s only spring lol
    Days are getting longer as well as warmer – some days warmer than others lol. Remember it’s still only spring.
    I’m sure you’ll find a new challenge in the new year – look forward to hearing/seeing what it is

    • We revert to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on Sunday, October 27.

      When the world turns to monochrome, I close up the blinds, switch up the lights and light the fire! Long evenings by the fireside to crochet, knit, sew or even try a jigsaw!

  5. Behind with my reading – sorry…

    Clocks sprung forward here a few weekends ago and Spring changeable stuff swung into action as well. One day fine and sunny, the next inclement, followed very windy. Everything is mixed up – one night it’s too hot, the next your are shivering – Spring gets all choked up in New Zealand….

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