34 thoughts on “Photographing the Alphabet ~ Z

  1. [ Smiles ] Make pasta with them. You can check out the recipe on my blog!

    Fantastic photo!

  2. I slice mine thin and sauté them with onions and garlic and make a breakfast frittata out of it. Zucchini pasta sounds delicious.

  3. I love all 3 of your ideas. I make Zucchini Boats with butter, cheese, tomato, and croutons for the filling. But sauteed is great . . . or added to spaghetti sauce for pasta . . . or baked into a moist Zucchini Bread. YUM

    • Nancy, I tried a Zucchini Bread using one of them, alas, it was moist – far too moist… to the stage of uncooked! I eat the crust and it tasted good, so I will have another shot with the other one!

      • I wonder if you could bake the “too moist” slices to finish the cooking?

        Either way, glad you enjoyed the crust enough to give it another go. My mom made it frequently, and we all loved it.

        • I tried slicing and returning it to the oven, Not something I would dish up to friends. I need to think it out further and re-sort the measures.

        • Add it to your ratatouille recipe and it is great added to eggplant parmesan! I like a veggie lasagna with eggplant and zucchini too! 😉

  4. I would chop some onions, some capsicums, grate some cheese and add some pasta and the jing bang lot to the zucchini and make a lasagna!

      • Oh thank you! I hated leaving that mess of things!!! I make cake and bread! Kevin ate both and loved them, til I told him that the dreaded zukes were in them!!! LOL Shouldn’t have said anything! 😀 He swears to this very day that he knew something funny was in them! A…huh! Don’t think so my sweet! Great to bring to church and get rid of the multipliers!!! Quite prolific to say the least!!!!

        • Ah the game of camouflage, Mind you I hate that game being played on me. I have an intolerance of dairy -and as one lady used to do scraping the butter off a sandwich and handing it back to me, does NOT work!

          • I know what you mean…me too when it is allergy related or because of disease. I am celiac. So if someone did that to me I would be very very ill. He ate it with great zeal…believe me! LOL He is finicky about some foods til he tries them. 😉 He went for more! He likes to tease me and make a fuss. If he had said he didn’t care for something it would be off the list! 😀
            When I have dairy I take a lactaid caplet. Works for me. Sometimes I just have to have cheese or ice cream! People just don’t understand that some foods make some people sick. They must think we are full of malarky. Not so….

  5. However…with celiac disease…I end up at the emergency room if I am glutened. So I am very very careful. It is no fun to be sick when it can be avoided. My brother is lactose intolerant and he gets terrible stomach cramps and loses everything he has ingested. Very painful. Me? I get so full of mucus that I cough it up. I know how you feel.

    • I have learned to cope with it and when cooking or baking I adjust recipes to suit myself. Mind you, when I print them on my blog, I list the butter etc, as normal.

      • I have found interesting ways to work with recipes too. There are worse things to have to deal with! 🙂

    • I like to make a zucchini omelet! Very good! But cake is the best! Mmmm….LOL
      First I brown the sliced zucchini in a little olive oil, season as you like, and then add an egg or how many you like, and add to zucchini. I tip my pan and lift the edges to get all the liquid underneath. Cooks faster. Then I take a plate and put it over the top and flip the pan, then slide the omelet right back in! Works great! Pot holder gloves are wonderful aren’t they? 😀 By the way…when I make an omelet I use water in place of the milk! Great with a salad or in a sandwich!

        • When I first started 12 years ago…it boggled my mind! LOL My mother-in-law and hubby showed me the ropes! I have taught my daughter and son and they are quite adept at it! My step-daughters are fast and great canners! 😀 It is not only a great way to stay healthy and save money…it makes me relaxed and happy! My pantry is overflowing! My daughter made her first pumpkin pie and she was so pleased with herself! I dropped of two pumpkins and she took it from there! 😀 My eldest step-daughter is a whiz at it! LOL I must have dropped off at least 14 cases of tomatoes at each of the girls homes!
          It is fun and I play great music and relax away making great food for the winter! Yesterday was more jelly making day! Today I pipe whipped cream into rosettes to freeze for our hot chocolate, Irish Coffee, pumpkin pies, and custards at a later date! Mmmm….good and saves lots of time when entertaining! 😉 Have fun! (((hugs)))
          p.s. I believe I must have been a squirrel in a previous lifetime! LOL

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