Disgusting Name for a Company LOGO

Modern waste disposal skip

Modern waste disposal skip

Very handy collapsible waste disposable skip.

Who in Holy Crap came up with the name?

With all the horrible disclosures over recent years about death and bodies of infants and young children found in unmarked graves of the Magdelane Homes across Ireland, who in their right mind could come up with a name like this!!!

Disgusting name for a company Logo

Disgusting name for a company Logo

What do you think?


17 thoughts on “Disgusting Name for a Company LOGO

    • Nancy, surely you read and heard about the dreadful scandals within the catholic church that went on for years, of child abuse and worse. Perhaps you saw the movie about the Magdalene laundries. In one such place when land was sold for redevelopment, it was discovered that the remains of 155 inmates including infants,  had been buried in unmarked graves on the property.

      Maybe now you can see why I thing the company name is in bad taste.

      • I have heard of those dreadful scandals. It’s just that the name “Baby Skip” doesn’t bring them to mind.

        Maybe it’s because I’m not familiar with the term “skip” in connection with waste disposal?

  1. GM:
    I’m not offended either though familiar with all you say. Though “baby” is a very odd term – like a previous commenter “wee” might have been better or “mini”.

  2. Yes, Grannymar: “Do decant your baby here. To be recycled. No paperwork involved.” In Ireland of all places. Friend of mine (Irish mother) and his brother introduced me to the
    history of the Magdalene Sisters. Dear dog in heaven. I too was born out of wedlock. But not in Ireland. Hence I am still around to annoy people.

    I agree with you. However, what is tasteless to some of us quite innocently meant by others: ‘Baby’ being associated with “small” that bag sure is not a fully grown skip.


    • Digging further, the company is actually called KeyWaste and these flat pack skips are only one part of it. They come in three sizes – Midi, Mega & Maxi, all perfectly good names!

  3. I can see why you would be particularly sensitive to the terminology. It is unfortunate that “meaning” isn’t always universal, making it more difficult sometimes to know what others have intended. For anyone truly aware, as you are, of the sordid details associated with the history of the Magdalene laundries I can imagine it more shocking, because even the appearance of the skip takes on a sinister appearance if you let your imagination take hold. Unfortunate name for the company, in particular, if others begin to call them on it, too!

    • As I have discovered, the company name is actually KeyWaste, the bags come in three sizes – Midi, Mega & Maxi, all perfectly good names with no need to call them BabySkips!

  4. I wonder if it is a non Irish firm’s registered trademark originally in some European language now translated for the English speaking parts. I understand your disgust within the present context, but if the scandals had not been in focus, it is perfectly innocuous.

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