Photographing the Alphabet ~ X

X  can have many meanings, but tonight I am in playful mood….

Helicopter rotor forming an X

Helicopter rotor forming an X

This one landed in the hall tonight.

Lego Helicopter

Lego Helicopter

Ready to go to the hanger.

Lego Helicopter on transporter

Lego Helicopter on transporter

Say nothing about the blurry photograph. I have been told off already tonight….. for getting down on my knees to take the photo! Getting down was the easy part. Getting up again is a horse of a different colour, when you have a swollen ankle twice the normal size.

X might be a bad mark for my behavior 😦 Maybe Nurse Hitler will have forgotten by the morning! 😉

X is also the sign for a kiss, and with it I wish you pleasant dreams.


13 thoughts on “Photographing the Alphabet ~ X

      • Not again!!! Sounds like you need ankle reinforcers! I recollect Dr Marten made some good ones a while back….. Ill see if I can find out any information about them for you!

        PS talking of trips…. have you heard? We’re planning a trip Down Under in January!!,

    • Al, I am improving… at falling! Sure the pain lets me know that I am still alive.
      Thanks for the kisses, can I eat them like Hershey’s ❓

  1. Welcome to the club of not being able to get uppers. And, I send you my best wishes for speedy recovery from the after effects of the fall. XXXX to you too.

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