Busy week

Last week I had visitors.

The long-legged visitor that I didn't tell Elly about!

The long-legged visitor that I didn’t tell Elly about!

This one was uninvited and removed before Elly went into the bathroom.

We had some girly retail therapy and I nearly made a purchase…

Note the sticker: Buy one get one free.

Note the sticker: Buy one get one free.

A two for the price of one!

I decided if I found the ‘right’ one, I’d have no need for a second, so put that guy back on the shelf!

I asked a man if I could photograph his chest….

Great message

Great message

Nice t shirt from Plain lazy. No. that is not George, I saw this guy when we were having lunch, so on my way out I asked to take the photo. He was delighted to pose for me!

When we arrived back at the house, the home guard was snoozing.

Buffy sleeps with paw in the air and eyes open.

Buffy sleeps with paw in the air and eyes open.

Maybe she was playing the guitar while we were out!

Elly helped with wool winding

Each skien weighed 350 grams.

Each skein weighed 350 grams.

The wool, yes it it real wool, was a gift so now I need to think about what to make with it.

We also had eating, drinking, walking and chatting. Plenty of chatting and laughter and…..

Time for a cuddle

Time for a cuddle


14 thoughts on “Busy week

    • Dianne, Buffy might be a four old little girl, but no stranger would get past her! She thinks that my role in life is to play with her.

  1. You look so cozy with your guard dog. He’s so cute. About the long-legged visitor: when I was growing up in Florida, children would hold these “daddy long legs” by two of his legs and ask him to point the way to grandma’s (or grandpa’s) house.

    • Buffy seems comfortable being here in my house.
      Alice my brothers were not so gentle with those Daddy long legs when I was young. Nowadays I just remove them.

  2. Love the pooch pictures! I expect any intruder would be paralyzed with laughter until the gendarmes arrived.

    • Nancy, I could well live without the spiders, but the climate in Antarctica would not suit me, so I am stuck with them! Buffy really knows how to relax and be comfortable.

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