I’m distracted!

Buffy is here to play with me.

I’ll be back later. Promise!

This is a distracted excuse for a non post on Distraction, the topic chosen for us this week by Maria/Gaelikaa. In the meantime why not begin the round of the other active members who are listed over on the side.

10 thoughts on “Distracted

    • I had hoped to show the evidence today by taking a mini video with my flip camera. All was going well,… Buffy playing with a toy… Buffy grooming her paws…. Then she decided to continue cleaning (I forgot the sound was being recorded) and I said “Buffy, the LBC do not want to see you cleaning your A&%$”! It was only when Elly & George roared laughing, that I realised what I said and deleted the whole video. 😆

    • Last week was really busy with everything overlapping and I was like a Whirling dervish trying to keep up! Maybe this week, I manage to catch up on blog reading and commenting.

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