How to train your dog in Five minutes, Five times a Day.

This is the best tutorial about dog training, I have ever come across. Thanks Cecilia!


I was not trained to train  dogs. But my dogs are all very well trained in the basics.  Many people will look at them work and say Who trained your dogs? Me. I say, a little surprised. Don’t you train your dog?  You can you know. It is easy. I just know a little and do it often. I think about it like toddlers building with blocks, little by little, step by step, learning one lesson then moving to the next. Patiently using five minute training sessions five times a day. Every day. Anywhere and at any time. You can train your dog. dogs-022

I made this all up so it is all just common sense really. Here is my system for training dogs. Now remember. You are the boss of the dog not the other way around. He needs your guidance. So train that dog.

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