If only….

Housework solution

Housework solution

Would that it were this easy.


21 thoughts on “If only….

    • I did not send the folder marked ‘Grannymar’ to the recycle bin and permanently delete myself. I had a day away from the laptop and it was very productive. πŸ˜†

  1. hahahaha, I printed this off and stuck to my fridge! I regard actual housework as a “waste of precious time” and then in our heat! But, having said that, everything has to be perfectly clean, polished etc., but….. Help off for 2 months – hence hardly much posting from my side for the moment. I do bless the day she comes back – soon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Carina, my help (me) gets lazy sometimes… but good music and a promise of a day doing something I really like, soon spurs me on to put a smile back on the house!

  2. I tried it but it said “are you sure you want to delete this file?” It just doesn’t feel as good. Or maybe I just need a new computer.

  3. I have plenty of excuses for postponing the housework.
    1) Jenny’s at home and will get in the way
    2) I only cleaned that room last week / last month
    3) I’m not in the mood
    4) I’ll leave it till next week when X is visiting
    5) I’ve run out of cleaning materials
    6) I have much more urgent things to attend to
    7) Etc etc

  4. That’s my kind of housework. When it gets really, really bad we think up a reason to invite someone over for dinner–forcing me to do a real cleanup! Works every time!

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