Gathering winter fuel

A Black sack

A Black sack

The results of one walk with Buffy.

NO WAY it is not a load of you know what! πŸ˜†

Pine cones

Pine cones

Pine cones. They will do nicely on my fire at Christmas time!

What is she doing?

What is she doing?

Thanks Buffy for taking me walking.

I must put another plastic sack in the car for my next days wandering in the woods.


23 thoughts on “Gathering winter fuel

  1. Yes – still have black bags from the UK – but pinecones? Running short of those – love them sprayed in ‘antique gold’ and/or silver and left in a HUGE bowl on the floor near the tree at Christmas! So, do you have a couple to spare?? Carina πŸ™‚

    • Carina, when I was gathering the cones, my mind was thinking of decorations, but I will use them to keep my toes warm in the deep dark winter. That bag alone will not last me long. I need to pick some more.

  2. Nice cones!

    Our fireplace generally sits idle during the winter unless we lose power. We do keep a basket of stuff, such as pine cones, for starting the fire if we need or want it.

      • Al is always the one…. That was what drew my attention to him as being dads (or possibly Donals) long lost twin

        Have you seen what Al’s wife Patty does with pinecones? Burning them! Blasphemy!

        • No, Barbara, I have not seen what patty does with pinecones. Does Al suffer much? πŸ˜‰

          I did at one stage wire cones into table decorations, but nowadays I do not bother, I have enough dust gatherers as it is!

          • Lol. I spent ages last night trying to find his post about the pine cones & failed…… Will have another go later!

    • Debra, that was from one short avenue. unfortunately I knew the boot/trunk of my car would be full on my journey home so called a halt to my collecting. I need to go collecting in my local area now to add to my stash.

    • I am hoping to have some completed needlework to share with you soon… One cardigan is like a jigsaw with all the pieces ready to be put together, but…. I need to find and buy a close match of the colour in order to stitch the pieces together.

  3. How on earth did you get that lot back to the car – I used to collect them from under the enormous pine tree we had in our garden me thinks that bag would have been quite bulky. You didn’t have a babe with you as we’ll?

    • Cathy, I had Buffy’s lead in one hand and a large plastic carrier bag with handles (very few of them about these days) which I filled and brought back to the house. Then we headed back and refilled that carrier bag. Anyone looking at my boot/trunk on the day I traveled home would think I was moving house there was so much packed into it. The sack of cones was just one more bag! πŸ˜†

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