Food Monday ~ Over to you

It is a holiday weekend in the South of Ireland, so I have declared the same for the land of Grannymar.

That means I do no work today. So what will I have for a tasty simple dinner tonight?

I have potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, bacon & green beans waiting to be used up.

How would you combine them to tempt my tastebuds?

18 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Over to you

  1. Spanish Omelette, Grannymar, Tortilla by another name. The basic being just potato, onion and eggs. A dish which will hoover up all other additional ingredients you have flying around. A bit like German ‘Auflauf’, even simpler, which you may remember from your time in Germany. A sort of catchall of leftovers – the binding ingredient being eggs. Usually made on a Monday!

    Do let me know if you’d like more detail for either.

    Bon appetit,

    • Oops! Left onion off my list, I do have some and garlic as well as the usual store cupboard ingredients. I remember ‘Auflauf’. No decision yet on what to have, I need to read the other suggestions.

  2. I would add a bit of flour to the list and make some gnocchis, I would have a salad of steamed beans with sliced tomatoes and leave the bacon for another day.

  3. Casserole, little squares of potato in it, little bits of cooked bacon for flavor, and all baked together, good for breakfast. lunch or dinner.

  4. Hard-boiled eggs and crisp bacon (I’m thinking American streaky bacon, but I bet that’s not right) crumbled on Rummuser’s salad.

    • Nancy, I made a version of that the other day. I added a handful of peas and had to reduce the cheese to a light sprinkle of Parmigiano-Reggiano for the top and added crushed smokey bacon crisps/potato chips. I would make it again, but play around with the recipe a little more.

      • That’s what makes cooking so fun . . . we get to nudge things a bit this way or that way to better suit our palate. Enjoy!

        • I have grown up adjusting recipes since I cannot tolerate milk, cream, butter etc. I love fruit and veg and will line a sandwich with pureed fruit or chutney to stop a filling from falling out.

  5. Don’t know how I missed this post. You certainly have a host of followers that are also connoisseurs. (I had the spell-checker help me with that word) I would love to attend an event where you all brought something for a pot luck supper.

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