Me not Blogging?

Do you wonder why?


18 thoughts on “Me not Blogging?

    • Buffy has not left my side all day, we have had two walks already, one this morning and another this afternoon. I think she knows I am leaving tomorrow to stay with my sister for a few more days.

  1. Clearly he thinks he has a much better story to tell than the rubbish you’re typing. He’s determined to take over and prove who’s the biggest draw.

    • Carina, thus cute little animal has wormed her way into my heart. I wonder if they would miss her if I put her in my bag tomorrow.

  2. Brilliant 🙂 our cat does the same, first tries to catch the mouse & if that doesn’t say ‘PLAY WITH ME!! loud enough she climbs onto the keyboard and either sits on it or walks up and down 🙂

    • Buffy is too heavy for standing on the keyboard, but that does not stop her trying if she wants to go somewhere in a hurry. Yesterday she moved like a torpedo when she heard Elly arrive home from work.

  3. Like Barbara I have a cat that thinks blogging time is ME time – could rival a python for wrapping herself round me and my hands

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