Not over yet

I have been on holiday since last Sunday and it is not over yet. My visits round the blog world should resume once I return home next week.

You never know, I might tell you what I was up to!

Not over yet was chosen for us this week by Will Knott. All the links to members Of the Loose Blogging Consortium, are listed in the side bar, so why not pour a cool drink and enjoy a relaxing read of all the entries.

16 thoughts on “Not over yet

    • Thank you, Ramana. I did have other plans and directions for the topic, but alas, nature intervened…. and two sentences were about all I could manage on Friday!

    • Alice, the phrase “Less is more”, from ‘The Faultless Painter’ (1855) by Robert Browning, seemed to fit the bill.

  1. I eagerly await details, cuz! With the way my life is going, though (busy, busy, busy, but not bad) I have to admit I am hitting this post after viewing the post that followed it. So, does that mean it really was over when I read it, or, since I’m now commenting on it it isn’t over yet?

    • Monday morning and I am still away from home, so it must still be ongoing. The post that follows this one was a taster, but the real stories should unfold when i get back to normal, sort the photos and gather my thoughts.

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