17 thoughts on “Food Monday

  1. Food glorious food! Was it a full breakfast – soda bread, potato bread and all?
    Brings back memories of visiting my Granny in Belfast.

    • Cathy, it was Continental today, Full Irish tomorrow, but unlike The Ulster Fry, there will be no Potato bread or soda farls.

  2. As I am currently enjoying a breakfast of my own (your lunch hour now) I found this post very timely.

  3. I’m holiday as well, but not quite “gone away from home” but away from study for a few weeks. My food intake is somewhat different but pleasant because I have to find the ingredients in my pantry/fridge!

    • Cathy, sourcing & preparing food are normally down to me at home and often the walls and the radio are my dinner guests, but on holiday the food appears on the table ready for me to eat & enjoy, or I share in the preparation of other people’s ingredients with their utensils, on their crockery. We share recipes and learn from each other!

  4. Some of the food will be washed down with a glass of the choicest wine, I hope.

    (How interesting. I have a message from WordPress that I’m “posting comments too quickly – slow down”)

    • Nick, all your comments appeared in the spam bucket, I picked the best and ditched the rest! Wine flowed as easily as the conversation.

  5. I’ll never get that message I’m sure! This week has been so frantic with everything needing to be done simultaneously that I haven’t been visitin’ at all. Glad to see you take vacations (hope you’re having fun!)–I think I need (another) one too.

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