Drugs, food and science

Brighid sent me a link to a very interesting post by Anne, last night, I thought many of you might like to read it.

Drugs, food and science.

I suggest you read the article first before  my thoughts below.

I am no scientist, but the part about the medications, particularly statins, I certainly agree with. I was prescribed statins a number of years ago, and ended up almost bedridden, unable to stand upright and in constant pain. I could not remember what I was supposed to be doing half the time, though I put that down to my being in pain.

Statins are cheap and that is why they are so widely prescribed. Two of my brothers, one in Australia and another in Dublin, had the same trouble as I had with meds. Each spoke to me at different times without knowing the other had done so. The common denominator for the three of us was a problem with Statins. I gave them the name of my replacement drug and told them to go back and talk to their doctors. Thankfully they listened and life has improved for all of us.

There are people out there who are on prescribed medications , and without consultation buy over the counter rubbish because Joe Soap swears by it. They forget it can react in a bad way to the prescribed items they are swallowing.

Now, the story about Mr Green Smoothie, pleading for donations to make a video, scares me. We are told he says:

He has everything he needs to make it (except money). He is an experienced film maker, has the necessary equipment, has doctors lined up to do blood work, has amazing athletes to cooperate — presumably to consume green smoothies. All he needs to prove his hypothesis — that green smoothies enhance athletic performance — is money.

If the evidence is so strong, how come some professionals are not ready to back him?

The GMO argument is another mine field and alas, I do not know enough to make any claims one way or the other. I do know that every second person I meet these days seems to suffer from some allergy.

I wonder if it is the age of the internet and the speed of how news, both good and bad travels the globe. You know how it is: A first hand story, becomes unrecognizable by the time it is fourth hand. This article is a case in point:

Could new polypill save thousands of lives?

The National Health Service (NHS) is our UK government provided health care. It shows how stories can spread like wildfire.

In my grandparents day, they did not have modern medications and antibiotics, so depended on the local ‘healer’ for remedies. We had a book at home years ago of these ancient remedies and they would scare the life out of you.

Enough from me, I need to make my breakfast.

18 thoughts on “Drugs, food and science

  1. Good girl that I am, Grannymar, I did read the article as instructed by you before continuing with your own thoughts. Trouble is I am not sure what either the scientist or you are saying. 20th century woman’s musings start with the fact that the British abandoned (in the wake of what I call mass hystery) kids’ measles vaccine (I take it she is referring to MMR) only to find that the incident of measles has now risen. With its inherent risks. However, and it bugs me a little, she doesn’t take the thought further. Instead we ‘learn’ a lot about genetically modified food. Can’t say I am particularly fond of the concept. However, I do feel obliged to accept another argument. Namely, that without GM food the world as a whole (ie the truly poor) will starve. I have no idea whether that’s right or wrong. Whether monetary and/or benevolent motives are behind it. In reality it is of little interest. As long as it works. Fact is that there hasn’t been a time in history when we were as healthy and live as long as we are and do now.

    Your example of the affect of statins an interesting one. May I say, as I did to my son who was most worried about a course of antibiotics he was put on a week ago and its side effects: Sometimes you have to accept the devil to get rid of the evil.

    And yes, your grandparents’ book on healing I can relate to. Not only do I myself swear by camomile tea to cure ALL ills (do laugh if you must) I also come from a line of women who confidently go into the woods and come back with mushrooms I wouldn’t recognize if my life depended on it. And we all will live another day. But then I am the trusting sort. I hold it with, I think it was Paracelsus, that all things in moderation and that the dose makes the poison. Other than that, Grannymar, bring out the poultice. to calm my fevered brain.

    Sante, and to your good health,

    • Ursula, I am happy to leave you in your confused state, Just know that I will not be accepting the devil, in this case statins, to get rid of the evil. In fact they are marked in red with a long list of other meds that are not to be prescribed or administered to me, on all medical records.

  2. One of the key things for anyone to remember is that different bodies react to meds differently (most doctors will tell you this). I have a very alarming family history of heart disease. I have been on a statin for 20 years with absolutely no bad side effects. I have blood tests frequently to monitor for any problems. Maybe I’m just lucky.

    • Al, tell me about it! I remember reading somewhere that only 60% of all prescribed medications, actually work on those for whom they are prescribed. You are one of the lucky ones, that statins suit. I have an alternative and it seems to be working, according to the regular visits to the vampires.

  3. I stopped attending a clinic at my local health centre (I now monitor myself at home) because a practice nurse kept ‘insisting’ that I take statins, although I do not suffer from any condition for which they are prescribed. I wonder who was getting her to ‘push’ them ?

  4. I’ve heard many adverse reports on statins, including mental confusion and lethargy so severe that people have to stop taking them. They may suit some people like Al but others have very bad side effects. The idea that everyone over a certain age should take them is idiotic.

    Indeed, we’re all consuming GM foods every day and we’re all living longer and longer so the claim that GM foods are horribly dangerous doesn’t really stand up. And I also agree that so-called natural foods and supplements are not necessarily any safer than synthetic ones – and may actually be hazardous.

    • Nick, I wonder if there are any really natural foods in the world today? Fields not far from me still suffer the effect of the Chernobyl accident’s radiation. Sheep that graze there cannot be sold at market, yet if they are moved a couple of fields away, for six weeks they become clear again and are allowed to go for sale.

  5. What a lot of food for thought in this post! I read the story with great interest as I’ve been taking statins for high cholesterol since the late 1980s. My total count at the time was 609 combined htl and lcl–a family thing, not diet related. It’s the only way I can control it, and I’ve no evidence that it caused any problems for me. With the wealth of information on the Web worldwide these days, it’s more important than ever that we learn as much as we can to be safe. Utah is really big on health fads–so called herbal remedies and they don’t seem to welcome any sort of regulations; the lobby is apparently very strong and a lot of people get very rich! Money is fundamental in the way our country is run these days. I could go on and on, but I digress. Thanks for passing this along!

    • Alice, I am glad you found it interesting. We have plenty of so called herbal remedies doing the rounds here too. Fools and their money are soon parted.

  6. I am not allergic to any medicine. At least till now, nothing has had any adverse effect on me. I am however blessed to be under the care of a caring GP who does not believe in medication if that can be avoided. He has kept me alive and in reasonably good health for the last two decades.

    • Ramana, you are very fortunate, I, like my mother before me, seem to be highly allergic to quite a few medications. It is from her side of the family, that the heart problems come. Life could be so much worse, at least I can get up and go out and about most of the time.

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