Photographing the Alphabet ~ R

R ~ Riverbank, Restoration & Reclamation

Sandy soil at the water edge

Sandy soil at the water edge

This river bank floods during heavy rain. A popular home to a flock of Mallards, being close to a pedestrian bridge, parents with young children can often be found feeding the ducks.

View from the bridge

View from the bridge

The green area to the right of the path fills with ducks as soon as a child appears. Our feathered friends are always hungry.

Reclaiming the river's edge

Reclaiming the river’s edge

Recent attempts to reclaim the river bank. A channel is marked by wooden posts and filled with the pruned branches from local public parks.

Discarded Christmas trees form a base.

Discarded Christmas trees form a base.

Discarded Christmas trees are used to form a base.

14 thoughts on “Photographing the Alphabet ~ R

  1. Thank you for this lovely post. We have to think in terms of revitatlising nature…and your photos are so very important in demonstrating this initiative.

    • The ducks seem to know when the children are due out of kindergarten and school. They cover that grass area coming right up to the pathway.

    • I was fascinated & curious when I saw the posts for the first time, I need to check again one of these days to see how much progress has been made.

    • These photos, do not show you the usual number of ducks at this spot. Maybe there was something more interesting happening down river that day>

  2. Interested to know how the reclamation is doing? They sink christmas trees and branches in the draws of the dams here as erosion control and fish habitat. It works well, and is an excellant way to lose an expensive lure if your not paying attention.

    • it was the first time i came across this type of reclamation, and at the time I thought it was a great way to recycle discarded Christmas trees.

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