Not guilty

Here we are at nine of the clock in the morning and not a child in the house washed.
Not a crumb has passed my lips and the blinds still tightly drawn. I better go pull them back and open a window or my neighbours will think I am dead.

Well, I am not dead – I think!

I had a late night. One of those nights where sleep played games of hide and seek, allowing me to win at about 4 a.m. When that happens I go into a very deep sleep for a few hours and wake in a thick foggy haze. Today I noticed a difference in the morning radio schedule…. The 6 a.m. news was only moments before the eight o’ clock bulletin, and now half the morning has gone and I have no homework to share with you.

Do I feel guilty?


I don’t know the meaning of guilt!

Right. Anyone for breakfast?

20 thoughts on “Not guilty

    • Tilly, I am catching up. Anything that moved, got washed and once I have lunch it will be time fora walk and shopping for fresh food.

  1. If only I could sleep till nine in the morning following those nights when I am up late reading something interesting! My internal wake up mechanism wakes me up at 4.45 am without fail and I simply cannot go back to sleep.

    You are blessed to be able to sleep like that and the neighbours can go to you know where.

    • Alice, i am hoping that I sleep better tonight. I had a long walk this afternoon before doing my shopping. Dinner is over and I have my feet up!

    • Stwidgie, I have tried reading, alas, it does not work for me. I tried crochet, but I always want to do just one more row. I’ll just have to find myself a man!!! 😉

  2. Ah, sweet Morpheus, to sleep, perchance to dream. Very poetic, indeed, but hardly related to reality. My sleep patterns seem to come and go in a whimsical manner. Right now it is fairly settled but I know it won’t last.

    • Al, enjoy the sleep while you can. I lost the power to sleep through the night when illness came through the door, twenty two years ago.

  3. For the past few months, I sleep in 2 hour increments, stay awake for 1-2 hrs and then sleep for 2 hrs. I am not sure if this pattern is harmful or not.

  4. Funny how the brain sometimes just refuses to go to sleep. You’d think after a day’s hard thinking it would welcome the chance for a good rest!

  5. Dang those no-sleep nights. Throws me off for a couple of days. I did enjoy reading about you opening the blinds so the neighbors wouldn’t think you were dead. I do it too and I have been known to open at least some of them at 2 or 3am when I knew it was going to be a sleepless night just as preventive medicine.

  6. I gave up with having a full nights sleep many years ago when chronic health issues caused that to happen. Sometimes, it because I have too many things on my mind; other times – hot/cold/other; doing something mind blowing that causes me to think about a whole lot of things I could do. Rarely does a book help and I usually can’t do much else, because body tired, brain not!

    I now don’t worry too much about “time up” unless I have to be somewhere…but I often forget anyway to have breakfast. This morning, around 11am, I was out and met a friend in library who was talking about food, when I remembered that I hadn’t actually eaten a full breakfast…so I went home and had brunch!

    • Cathy, I have learned to lie down in the darkness and listen to the radio turned down to a low drone. I think my body slows and cools down drastically when I actually do sleep. I wake up frozen and need to switch on my electric blanket even in June!

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