Food Monday ~ Reflections on . . . Watermelon Pickles

Normally I reproduce a recipe that I have tried and tested. Today will be a little different and a recipe that I will not be trying!

Never mind, it is well worth a read and will prove to you where my writing skills fall down.

I should not have to tell you this…. But I will.


Ready now? Grand so. Settle back and enjoy the read!

Spirit Lights The Way

I love the anthology, Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle.  

And I adore watermelon pickles.

I never understood why mom pickled zucchini, green beans, cucumbers, and peppers, but not watermelon rind.

Each summer, she canned dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, tomato sauce, beets, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, peach jam, peach chutney, rhubarb ginger jam, marmalade, lemon curd . . .

But, no matter how many times I pestered her, no watermelon pickles.

I’ve often wondered why watermelon pickles are both hard to find (relegated to small shelves in backwoods country stores) and expensive (triple the price of most pickled products).

After all, watermelon pickles are made from the inexpensive by-product of picnics and seed spitting contests.  If you don’t turn the rind into pickles, it ends up in the compost pile or the trash.

Every time I toss out the rinds, I think, “I should make…

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13 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Reflections on . . . Watermelon Pickles

      • Over thirty years ago I was given the tail end crop of unripened tomatoes with the suggestion to make tomato chutney. I had never heard of it before and we had no internet for help, so finding a recipe was hard work. I struggled with the long slow process and ended you with a small quantity of a green tomato chutney with a taste that did not appeal to me. Needless to say it was a one off… Never Again! 👿

        • I made Green Tomato Relish once ~ the recipe called for 4 slices of lemon and warned cooks NOT to omit the lemon. It made ALL the difference.

          Adding lemon to these watermelon pickles brightened them up too. But re-boiling the syrup with whole allspice also helped. I’m enjoying them (but am not sorry that I don’t have more). 😉

  1. Amazing recipe writer! Never knew that the inner part of the rind is edible! Will follow some of the instructions and experiment with a curry dish in coconut milk. I think that it should come out well. Will have to wait a while though as the season is over and the monsoon is here.

      • While reading up on watermelon pickles, I learned that the rind is used in stir fries. So your plan to make a curry might be a winner.

        Comment #12 discusses using the rind for “zucchini bread.”

      • I made the curry today with gravy tempered with coconut milk. It was brilliant. The kids went overboard with it and suffered aftermaths of over eating.

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