Creating a Consortium

Some people don’t have enough to do!

They sit around thinking of ideas for others to do.

I don’t wear a watch so I don’t have time.  When you are living alone and not working the days are all the same, sundays, mondays, holy days and holidays are no different.  I never really know if it is bin day, St Patrick’s Day, 4th or 12th of July or Guru Poornima unless I am told.

On 2nd July an email popped into my inbox…  At the time I was very busy with loo paper.  No, I was not in the throne room, don’t be silly I am not quite soldered to the laptop…YET!  I was busy gathering my thoughts and graphics for a blog post. So the email pinged and it was an invitation.

Remember at this stage I am deep in loo paper…  The email read:

‘I’d like to start a loose blog consortium’.

Here is the way I envision it working:

1.In a round robin fashion one of us will be responsible for tossing a broad idea into the consortium commons once a week and everyone will have the week to develop a post on the idea.

2.We will all post what we have developed simultaneously.

3.All of our posts will be fodder for our readers and each other!

I am thinking that we might come up with some hilarious and sometimes insightful posts and this could be a lot of creative fun!  What think you all?

Did I mention it was from Conrad?  So then he runs off to light the BBQ and have a little holiday. Huh! some friend he is.  We have to sit about chewing our nails waiting for the when, where and what about…

The scapegoats idiots participants willing to give it a go are:

  • Ashok – India
  • Conrad – USA
  • G.L. Hoffman – USA
  • Marianna – British Columbia, Canada (When she mends.  Get well soon Marianna!)
  • Ramana – Pune, India
  • Yours truly – little old me – Northern Ireland, UK.

So the lonnnnnnnnnng weekend is finally over and another message pings through the ether:

Just to kick this off, how about we set this time for the publication of our weekly topic: 9:00 AM PDT, 9:30 PM in India, 5:00 PM Ireland on Friday of each week.

So we all get to press the button at the same time and there will be no talking in class or cogging ideas, it sounds like an exam to me.  I wonder who will correct the papers?  Will it be you?

And how about this for a kickoff topic: Creativity.

Now I am off to chew my pencil for a bit, see you at 5pm!



If I pass the test today, Fridays posting will be at the later time of 5pm.


wisewebwoman said,
July 10, 2009
Oh this is a great idea, how creative! (pun intended!)
I will keenly await your first posts!!

Grannymar said,
July 10, 2009
Not long to wait now.

Paddy Bloggit said,
July 10, 2009
O why are we waiting ………………. o why are we waiting ….

Grannymar said,
July 10, 2009 at 4:28 pm
@Paddy – ’cause it is not 5 0′Clock yet!

rummuser said,
July 10, 2009 at
Grannymar, this is almost like whining! Conrad will revive his whinebar!

Grannymar said,
July 10, 2009
Ramana – Here we go! Fingers, toes and knees crossed that it works.

bikehikebabe said,
July 12, 2009
Thanks for the definition of blog consortium.
Isn’t it wonderful that ours is spread over a lot of the world—India, Ireland, Canada, USA.

Grannymar said,
July 12, 2009
It is indeed!

Grannymar » Rediscovered Love/Pleasure said,
January 20, 2012 at 12:43 pm • Edit
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2 thoughts on “Creating a Consortium

  1. I love this … smiled the whole time I read about the new family I hooked-up with.
    blessings ~ maxi

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