You might have heard

It is enough to bring on a bout of SAD!

First of all we heard it on RTE

Then The King confirms it

It is spreading like the plague so be careful or before you know it, we will reach the point of no return. So what is my fevered mumbling all about? Have you not guessed?




Christmas is Cancelled

Now I’ve said it! That young whipper-snapper at Dec’s Rambling spells it out in no uncertain terms, go read it!

Hang on! Hang on!

Before you go galloping off, spare a thought for The Queen of England with that enormous house with 775 rooms to heat. I think she is finding it tough at the moment.

Would you agree?

UPDATE: A comment added on 11th August 2009 from Andy McKinna tells me he did this picture for  Thanks Andy!


6 thoughts on “You might have heard

  1. No Christmas?!! I’m glad I got out of Ireland when I did! You’re welcome to join me for Christmas in Estonia, Grannymar, with the minus 25°C and the snow and the Christmas Markets in the town square. I don’t think it’s cancelled here. 😉

  2. Hurray! Hurray!

    This is great news! Grannymar

    I’m off to celebrate…

    But first, I’d like a quarter pounder and chips, please Ma’am *curtsey*

  3. Hi Andy,

    It came to me in an email and It suited this post. Glad to discover the source and artist!

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