I met Brian & Maxine at Junction 1 Shopping outlet several months ago. Brian’s pink polo shirt caught my eye with Pink for October in mind. He willing posed for me and I liked the shot. I am happier with the ‘pink’ in this one than with some of my earlier attempts. Each time I try I discover something new. Hopefully I will remember what I did for the remaining few photos in the folder!

I wanted to have a male model at some stage of the month because breast cancer is not the preserve only of the ladies. We all need to be diligent in examining our breasts. If you have a partner then make it fun and a pleasurable experience. Grannymar encourages you to do so. Make it a regular part of your calendar.

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  1. You’re colouration is definitely improving and well done for raising the male aspect. Breast cancer is not just the domain of the girls.

  2. I’ll be honest, how you do this isn’t how I would do it… HOWEVER… the way you process the images gives them a style unique to you. And a very pleasing style they are too.

    Are you going to go in to portraits next (you do have an eye for them). I see a group shot of a mar of toyboys coming soon! (hint, what colour was that sofa in Kinkenny?)

  3. @Baino – The guys do need reminding and not just at the beginning of October. Alas cancer can hit at anytime throughout the year.

    @Will – Like everything I do thats tekkie, I bluff and blunder my way through it. At this stage I have at least three accounts of how to achieve the spot colourisation and they are as different as chalk and cheese. The photo shop programme on my computer seems basic and tabs etc described in various lessons that I have downloaded, seem to appear in lists with different names on my machine.

    I try, and that is all I want.

  4. I don’t specifically examine my breasts but I think I would notice pretty quickly if there was any strange lump or feature that wasn’t normally there. I also examine my ahem, boy bits which apparently many blokes never do. But as we know, many men are quite cavalier about their physical health and just assume they’ll never get anything nasty.

  5. I agree that this is your best pink photo so far. Too bad October is ending and your pink project will be over. Maybe you can pick a color of the month. Orange for November, green for December, etc.

  6. @Nick – I am glad you take the message seriously. I have blogged about the examination of the boy bits in the past. The school yard giggles soon lose their humour when cancer strikes in that department.

    @Darlene – This was at least my third attempt to pink this photo. As I was adding it to the post I also thought of perhaps trying other colours randomly throughout the year.

  7. Well done GM for highlighting this.
    It may also serve to encourage the male population to go and get tested routinely especially the pancreas

  8. Grannymar

    The Irish Cancer Society would be proud of you for highlighting breast cancer in men with this great shot.

    Men often ignore the early signs of breast cancer thinking that it only occurs in women and as a result, breast cancer tends to be more advanced in men than in women when it is first detected. They need to go to their doctor right away if they detect any persistent changes to their breasts. Earlier diagnosis could make a life-saving difference.

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