When My Time Comes

“May I go outside for a smoke?” asked the young lady politely. She sounded so gentle that I hardly recognised her! Elly was on best behaviour. We felt very special as we were honoured guests at the home of the Bride-to-be, just two evenings before her wedding.

On our journey along the road in West Barnstable on the Cape the houses were brightly lit and decorated for the forthcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. On arrival at our destination the Bride’s brother was there to guide us to our parking space. The pathway to the door was lit by candlelight. It all looked very romantic. The greeting was heartfelt warm and welcoming, but to the disgust of our hosts we were arriving during a power outage. So life on the other side of the pond was not very different to that back in Ireland. We were quite used to power cuts back at home, sometimes they were scheduled but alas on other occasions, due to vandalism.

Introductions were made and we immediately felt at home and the chat flowed freely, the drink glowed in the candle light and we drank a toast to the young couple and to their families. After an hour the lights came on and our surroundings were revealed to us, a very comfortable home with some beautiful items of furniture.

Being a mid November evening and rather cold outside Elly was taken to the ‘Studio’ for her smoke. “Mum you should see the Studio!” Elly said to me on her return some time later. “Ask Stephen, I am sure he would love to show it to you!” I didn’t need to ask; Stephen had heard and immediately invited me to the tour. There I was in a foreign country, with a strange man, on my way to see his etchings wonderful works of art.

I already mentioned the table where I had my breakfast in a previous post. On this occasion I was enjoying work on a totally different plane, it showed the amazing talent and wonderful sense of humour of my host! Stephen only uses recycled items, timbers discarded and considered well past being useful. With careful thought, time, care and love he breathes new life into his amazing creations.

I actually sat in here.

Stephen calls it an ‘In-House’, it is actually a little office with desk and bench seat. The seat is lifted in the photo above! 😆

And for something totally different:

Or for when my time comes

To save space you can put me on end

I originally set out to write about cooking implements but the final item totally blew my mind and took me off on a tangent. I hope you enjoyed my travels!

12 thoughts on “When My Time Comes

  1. Well, I wish I was as clever with my hands as that. The sculpture is amazing. Tell me, what exactly is that wiggly thing? And I hope that’s not your hand poking out of the coffin.

  2. Nick

    If you mean the last item it is a rolling pin!

    As for the hand, it belongs to the gent in the upright view of the coffin made from Whalers Lifeboards. The model throughout is Stephen.

  3. Wonderful memories, Grannymar. I remember your other post about this visit to the Cape.

    What a clever fellow Stephen is; and what a fantastic sense of humor.

  4. Grannymar

    Stephen’s creativity is amazing!

    That ‘In-House’ is the smartest looking privy I ever saw and I’d love one of those coffins but only if Stephen comes with it 😉

    I take it we have to be patient to hear about your cooking implements? 🙄

  5. Fantastic ! Writing and Stephen’s ideas…. the office reminds me of a famous (small) book called The Specialist……

  6. @Nancy – Stephen and his wife are a really wonderful couple.

    @Steph – You might have to wait a few weeks for the cooking implements.

    @Darlene – O loved my time on the Cape.

    @Magpie – I am not familiar with that book.

  7. It’s extremely tempting… 🙂 If I had one of those, you’d have to prise me out! What an inventive chap Stephen is.

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