Can it be true

I don’t believe it!

In a Past Life…

You Were: An Albino Magician.

Where You Lived: India.

How You Died: Decapitation.


15 thoughts on “Can it be true

  1. Grannymar,

    What did you do to deserve having your head chopped off or did one of your tricks go horribly wrong? 🙄

    I was: A Brave Mathematician.

    Where I Lived: Australia.

    How I Died: The Plague.

    I was doing okay in Oz until the superbug of the day got me!

  2. hmmmmm, decapitation, the plague….. I got buried alive!!! Wouldn’t past lives be boring if we died peacefully of old age, eh!

  3. Banished Chief….Well, I hope they got on O.K. without me…
    North Africa…I wonder where I was banished from?
    Consumption….Cough Cough!

    I think I’d rather die of old age than Consumption.

  4. @Steph – I don’t remember back that far! 🙄

    @Charmed – What a way yo go! Next time I hope I have a boring end! 😉

    @whoopsadaisy – I often thought I’d like to live in New Zealand. Nice climate.

    @Magpie – That old Consumption was very popular. 🙄

  5. You Were: A Happy Go Lucky Herbalist.

    Where You Lived: Mexico.

    How You Died: Consumption.

    I almost was a happy go lucky herbalist in this life. Freaky!
    I just heard someone define “consumption” as dying from having too much sex (consummation). I will have that definition purlease!

  6. You Were: A Forlorn Dancer. (which is why I now have creaky knees)

    Where You Lived: Alaska. (ooh huskies)

    How You Died: In Childbirth. (only the good die young)

  7. Baino

    ‘A Forlorn Dancer’ What a picture

    OK so we have

    The Plague – 2

    Childbirth -2

    Consumption – 2

  8. So, if I consider myself a student I was a brave monk living in Russia who died from consumption.

    If I’m a “wastoid” I was a jittery astrologer buried alive in New Guinea.

    And if I’m a pro gamer, I was a jittery chief killed in battle in Oz.

    All so boring 😦

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