Like a child I have not forgotten a promise. This is still October and I did say I would try to colour spot some photos as part of p4oi. Today I have one for you. I have posted fewer of these ‘spot colour’ attemps because they are more difficult than I first realised and take quite some time and very steady mouse control. I actually think that apart from my very first attempt that they look like I had the crayons out. I have followed the same instructions each time as far as I can. None of the layout diagrams seem to match the version of photoshop in my computer. It is enough to make anyone give up, but I have no intention in doing so!

I will learn.

This little lady I met with her grandmother as I went in search of men in skirts! A very lucky young lady indeed. This photo was taken the second time I met her that day. Earlier she was in t-shirt and shorts. Here she was sporting a new dress that granny had bought. I wish I had a kind granny to take me shopping for nice new clothes.

As I went on my way I thought of childhood, adults chatter and of promises. Sadly we remember the unfulfilled promises of childhood. Simple things that adults dismiss and say ‘Yes’ or ‘Of course darling!’ and continue with whatever they are doing and never give it another thought.

We adults often carry on a conversation ignoring a child within earshot or in the room. We think they are paying no attention to what we are saying as they play about with their toys or watch TV. They sometimes pick up half a sentence or their own interpretation of what was said and not the real message behind whatever was talked about. We can unwittingly feed them with fear, teach them language that we might not like them to use, or indeed situations way beyond their understanding.

Children Will Listen from Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim performed by Barbra Streisand puts it into words far better than I can


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  1. Hi Grannymar,
    I love that photo of the little girl with her frilly umbrella, you did a good job with the pink 🙂

    You are so right about adults & children. I think sometimes adults forget that children are people too with thoughts of their own, their own thinking processes, their own fears & insecurities. I hate to hear anyone being dismissive of children, I know sometimes they can be persistent (& annoying!) but I still hate to hear an adult, particularly a parent, telling them to ‘go away’, or speak about unsuitable things in front of them. I was one of those kids who used to play quietly in the corner listening to the adults talk, picking up far more than I should have known about at my age!

    Keep them cocooned and innocent for as long as possibel I say 🙂

  2. whoopsadaisy

    Glad you like the photo.

    Not sure I meant ‘cocooned and innocent’ here, more being aware that children are present and ever listening.

  3. Grannymar,
    I think that was my own thought son kids rather than yours 🙂 Maybe cocooned is a bit strong but I definitely think they should maitai their innocence from the adult world for as long as possible and just enjoy being kids!

  4. Sorry, we can’t hear Barbara sing. That video is no longer available.

    You did a great job ainting the umbrella. It almost has a 3-D effect.

  5. @ Darlene

    I’m able to hear Barbara sing and she’s great! You must’ve done something naughty if you’re not allowed 😉


    Was that little girl hiding from you?

    btw I’m full of admiration for the way you persist in learning new techniques. I’m useless like that.

  6. Good work!

    As for the children……it doesn’t stop with what the adults themselves say or do but goes onto the TVs in bedrooms and what the adults let their children listen to and watch. When governments encourage parents to abdicate their responsibility to bring up their own children ( and heaven only knows there are parents out there who need no encouragement) we are heading for disaster…and I told Jack Straw and his cronies that back in 1968 when I was training as a teacher.

    Oops … i should apologise for going off on one but I won’t. I feel strongly.

    Who was that First Lady BTW?

    There are parents who see children as fashion accessories: here’s an overheard from a few years ago in Chingford, ” Oh I do love your house darling. You are so lucky. And the car is brilliant.”
    “Yes , all we need now is a little girl. I just can’t wait until I have one and I can dress her up in her little uniform and take her to nursery.”

    Yes I did hear that, if not word for word you will get the idea.

    15 hours a day free child care from the age of 2 years!

  7. They are little absorption pits that’s for sure! Although I’ve never made a promise I could not keep. Except to buy Adam a helicopter, and a FA18 Hornet, they might have to wait for a lottery win. In fact, a promise I made when she was 7 years old, to take Clare to Disneyland if she never had ‘could try harder’ on her primary school reports ended up breaking the bank!

  8. @Magpie – You go on and tell them! I am sure you spent many an hour dealing with the effects of overheard conversations.

    The particular First Lady mentioned was Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    @Baino – I am sure the trip was worth it just to see her face light up. Well done Clare!

  9. I thought it was Hillary…She looked a bit wind swept … I’m glad it wasn’t Ms Bush!

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