A nice Surprise

We met over the coffee urn at Creative Camp in Belfast last September and later in the day we both took part in a round table discussion on Blogs and blogging led by the Master of the Blogosphere Damien Mulley. Over at the Voyage Sharon has a wonderful story to tell of her journey through life as a young mum in Northern Ireland, fighting the fight for the true understanding of autism and providing home–education for her three children. It is well worth reading.

Sharon has paid me a great honour. Not just one but two!

A Kick Ass Blogger?

Would I… Now listen up Toyboys, behave or you might find out the other side of GM!

And the other one…

In the next few days they will be added to my trophy cabinet!

Thank you Sharon

Now who do I know who kicks ass? Well there are two who come to mind straight off, my Elly and Baino. They both go to the nub of a problem without fear of reprisal. They know how to get things done, I wonder if all the Chardy caused this effect? 😉

Two blogs I love?

Steph writes a no holes barred journey through all levels of the Health Service, covering medical issues and experiences from the perspective of an Irish patient. Steph is now an ambassador for SINStop Infection Now

Made Marian, a young lady I met at Podcamp Ireland last month, although we have corresponded across the blogs for some time. This young lady reminds me of my young days when I was so full of enthusiasm for all things crafty.


10 thoughts on “A nice Surprise

  1. “a no holes barred journey”


    I’ve tried sticking my fingers in my ears, holding my nose, pursing my lips, clenching my buttocks and raising the drawbridge…

    but those docs still manage to find a way in!

    Thanks for the nice surprise! 😀

  2. @Steph – You are welcome, now keep on Sinning!

    @Elly – You must have had a good teacher! 😉

  3. Thanks for saying nice things, like calling me a young mum…haven’t been called young for a few years now!

    And you’re very welcome!

    I like what you’ve done with them too.

  4. Awh thanks GM, just saw this now. I’ve been a bad blogger lately so I’m not sure I deserve it but thanks. 🙂

  5. @Sharon – Compared to me everyone is young! 🙄

    @Maz – There are no rules or laws about when or how often we blog. You do so to suit yourself.

  6. Oooh pressies! Thanks Grannymar but I’m an opinionated pussycat really. I’m with Elly, butter wouldn’t melt in our mouths!

  7. I love the sorta appreciation society you have around you GM but I want to say thanks for the link to The Voyage…..which I will devour over the weekend.

    As a teacher in the U.K. mainland I have come across Autism and the whole spectrum. Several friends have offspring on the Spectrum and they have had to fight for everything. K.A. is only the half of it , they have had to scratch and scream and throw metaphorical and real tantrums some times to little avail.

    BTW It is many years since I have seen that fish with legs!

    Children…people…. with differences deserve every bit of support and understanding they need and that goes for their carers too.

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