A Quiet Night In…

Alexia Golez posted about a Qik video that Jason Roe prepared in advance of the Moviestar.ie Irish Web Awards Ceremony in the Radisson SAS Hotel on Golden Lane behind Dublin Castle last night. I watched it at lunch time and it was fine. Later in the afternoon I went for a walk. Well I knew I would be glued to my chair and computer screen to follow the events in Dublin as they happened. There would be at least three people live streaming the event on Qik. I bumped into a friend and she suggested we go for something to eat, it suited us both as she had places to go later on and I had people to see (on the net)!

When I returned home it was time for lights on and the action to start. Steph was online so I IM’d her and asked if the show had started. She sent me a link, but it was the one I had seen earlier in the day. I Twhirl’d my pals in Dublin for an up to date link. By return I had several replies, but alas each worked for a couple of seconds and then stalled. It was becoming very frustrating. Steph was wetting her britches! Well who could blame her, son and heir Robin was a finalist in three categories.

So there we were, Steph in Dublin and yours truly in Norn Iron, twiddling and clicking for all our worth and getting nowhere. Our know-all tekki offspring’s were at the event and unable to come to our aid. Then my darling Darragh came to the rescue! He was live twittering the event from his N95 Mobile. As each result came through I copied and pasted it into the IM conversation for Steph! At one stage there were more bells and clangers going off here than at a Campanologist Festival. I had Twhirl pings, IM rings and email buzzes! I was still hearing them in my sleep.

Somewhere I still had a Qik running and every now and then a loud cheering could be heard, it only lasted a few seconds each time but it added to the excitement. The whole thing had a Keystone Cops effect at this end but the excitement was mighty. I even had Davy Mac congratulating me because Elly got an award. 😆 I put him straight, she was only collecting it on behalf of some non-attendee.

To all those who now have an award to polish I say hearty congratulations! I won’t list you now as I am sure to leave someone out and that would not do. To Damien for the inspiration, the Sponsors for the means and to all those who gave of their time to work in the background I say thank you. No doubt this event will become part of the annual Irish Awards Calendar.

A very special thanks go to Darragh Doyle for keeping us all up to date on Twitter/Twhirl and it is to be hoped that you were presented with the Anti RSI Thumb Award and didn’t have to put your hand in your pocket all night at the bar!

4 thoughts on “A Quiet Night In…

  1. Oh Grannymar… It was GREAT craic!

    Big thanks to you for keeping me posted and to Darragh for providing us with ‘live’ coverage of the event.

    Talk about ‘live’ entertainment in the home!

    I’m sure growing old was never meant to be this much fun! 😀

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