I should not be here today

Today I should be many miles away from home.

This is where I should be:

Four Seasons Hotel Boston, MA

It sounds wonderful

Overlooking the famed Public Garden and Beacon Hill, and within easy reach of every notable business, entertainment and cultural attraction, Four Seasons is characterised by elegant simplicity and old-world Boston charm.

Unfortunately I had to decline an invitation to attend a family wedding there today.

So to Alexis & James I hope the sun shines on you today and always. I wish you a long and happy life together.

10 thoughts on “I should not be here today

  1. I must say I found Boston a bit bland and unexciting, I prefer New York and Chicago. Apparently the girlie shopping’s very good but I wouldn’t know about that. Of course with the credit crunch people are more likely to be shopping at Junction One nowadays.

  2. I’ve got an ex colleague in the Boston area…she’s as nutty as a fruit cake, a wonderful artist.

    I wish the couple every happiness. Sorry you couldn’t go GM! They will have to do what my two did…they had their main nuptials in the states and then when they came home…well it was home for Trist., they had other parties for those who couldn’t travel over. I got to go to some of those as well.

  3. Sorry you were unable to attend. I love weddings and would be disappointed to miss one. Especially if someone was putting me up in The Four
    Seasons hotel.

  4. @Nick – It is the wedding and the people I am thinking about.
    Last time I went for a wedding on that side of the pond. Doctor’s orders included not travelling alone, wheelchair at airports, no driving or sight seeing State Side!

    @Magpie – ‘she’s as nutty as a fruit cake’ ~ sounds like me then! πŸ™„

    @Darlene – It sounds like pure luxury!

    @Ian – This Boston is in Massachusetts, USA.

  5. Grannymar, it’s a shame you couldn’t attend. Your doctor sounds a bit strict! But perhaps they’ll be sending you a video? Or at least a piece of the wedding cake?

  6. I took one look at the picture in my Reader and thought ‘my what wonderful weather they’re having in Ireland’ haha . . shame you couldn’t go but I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful day under those blue skies!

  7. @Nick – It is one thing taking chances here at home, total other ball game in another country. Insurance Co won’t cover me for health issues. Flying not good for me. Don’t worry I am not pregnant! πŸ™„

    @Baino – They will have a lovely day.

  8. Grannymar

    Are you sure you’re not pregnant? 😈

    Actually, you’re spot on with your decision not to fly.

    Airports are stressful places at the best of times and you need to be in the full of your health to navigate through them and survive the conditions imposed by the flight.

    The risks far outweigh any benefits.

    And anyway, I’m quite sure Alexis and James would rather have you safe than sorry!

    You could always drive south to visit me instead! πŸ˜€

  9. Steph

    Pregnant? Nah, I have that t-shirt.
    It is the pressure levels on the up and downward parts of air travel that are a problem besides the ground level stressed.

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