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I use Firefox as a browser and on the iGoogle page in a bottom corner is a daily horoscope for Pisces by Rick Levine. I seldom give it a glance but on Sunday it caught my eye

Sunday, October 5, 2008

You know what you want now and are willing to be patient as you work toward your goals. But a frustrating setback could be rather discouraging if you see it as a failure on your part. Instead, take it as constructive advice. Once you know where you need to improve, you can get back to the drawing board and try again.

I did have what I considered to be a less than perfect result to a new project. You guessed it – my very first attempt at spot colouring a photo. I did get a rather watery pink in my first effort. I took it as a challenge and so during the afternoon I spent some time trying again. Here are the results:

Original photo

The image I posted on Saturday

The one I produced today.

I am sure you would agree that I still have a long way to go.

21 thoughts on “My Sunday Entertainment

  1. I prefer the Saturday shot. I’s more subtle. Then that’s me. . .subtle as a sledgehammer! I really must give up gardening and painting and have a go at Photoshop, it’s easier on the knees!

  2. “We’ll drink a drink a drink
    To Lily the pink the pink the pink
    The saviour of the human race.
    She invented medicinal compound.
    Most efficacious in every case.”

    One thing’s for certain, Grannymar…

    You’ll never be a failure!

  3. @Baino – I prefer the Saturday shot also, it looks more natural and the pink looks like tissue.

    @Steph – All we need is to mention wine or show a bottle and you start to sing! What are we going to do with you? 🙄

    @Will – Does it depend on the version of Photoshop? In the last image I used a mixture of MS Office Picture Manager and Photoshop. The only trouble is I can’t remember what I did step by step. Deffo a talk for the next Bar/Pod/CreativeCamp.

  4. It looks like some special camera that picks up the radon hotspots leaking into your building! Quick, call health and safety, this supermarket’s seriously contaminated!

  5. I am so impressed, well done. I am such a technophobe that anything slightly different to what I am used to doing just sends my brain into orbit. I prefer the Saturday one too, the other pink is too bright for me.

    well done!

  6. I think the first shot is more impressive, but the pink looks lavender color to me. The last one is definitely pink. If that’s the color your going for to illustrate breast cancer awareness month I’d use the last one.

  7. I prefer the first one too – but I like the pink highlighting of the posters in the second.

    I must sit down and play around with my shareware photo package some time. It’s the kind of thing you could really get lost in for hours…

  8. “Lily the pink she turned to drink
    She filled up with paraffin inside
    And despite her medicinal compound
    Sadly pick-a-lily died”

    “Up to heaven her soul ascended
    For the church bells they did ring
    She took with her medicinal compound
    Hark the herald angels sing”


  9. @Darren – You just have a go, I am sure you could do better than me!

    @Kathleen – Thank you for the link I will try that just as soon as I can.

    @Judy – I think the last one looks like someone put a pink sticker on it.

    @Lorna – I just jumped in at the deep end here and am floundering around in a rough sea I know little about.

    @Darlene – You are correct the colour is lavender in the middle shot. It also looks more natural than the last image.

    @Jen – I was experimenting with the pink highlighting of the posters in the last shot.

    @Steph – still singing? At this rate you will fill that cap when you go carol singing! 🙄

  10. The original is more subtle but the new one is more impactful and cosideringt he statement you were trying to make more suitable…Inotice the notices were pinked.

  11. I was looking for your e-mail address but couldn’t find it. Wanted to show you a quick example of how easy the color thing is!

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