I’m all for the Electric Chair

Now hold on a minute! I never said anything about killing folk. That is not in my nature. I am talking about health here and keeping everything soft and supple.

A chair that does all this:

  • Real massage chair mechanism
  • Shiatsu and Rolling massage: 4 independent rollers travel up and down back
  • Targeted relief of any back area
  • 6 programs: full, lower or upper back in either massage style
  • Spot Shiatsu massage: massage action just where you need it!
  • Adjustable roller width to comfortably fit your body
  • Vivid LED illuminates massage mechanism

I saw one of these last week and just had to try it. It was wonderful. Elly was with me and of course she had to have a go as well. It was good that there were two chairs in operation at the time because I was not about to stand and watch her have all the fun!

Apparently I was moaning and groaning with pleasure! My daughter kept telling me to be quiet. In fact the words she used were ” Mammy, please! Anyone would think you were having sex!” What a thing for a young lady to say to her dear old mother! Chance would be a fine thing! 🙄

Well you know what’s coming…

“Well, it is the nearest thing to sex that I have had in a long time” says I.

There was only one solution for it. I bought one and took it home. I have it here on my chair by the computer and twice a day when I need to think and rest I sit back and switch it on.

Pure heaven.

Just like a Toyboy dancing up and down my back!

Is it any wonder I have a smile on my face. 😀

16 thoughts on “I’m all for the Electric Chair

  1. ROFLOL!

    This could spell a whole new beginning to tales from Grannymar!

    Will we get the sound effects too? 🙄

  2. Steph

    Get up off the floor, anyone would think you were five!

    Anything that goes on behind my closed doors… might and only might end up here on the blog! 😆

  3. LOL…..mr. kenju used to have one of those. The one I want is the whole chair with leg massage as well, but it costs an arm and a leg, so I won’t ever have it!

  4. Never mind the massage, I could do with a chair that sends me gently to sleep so I can compensate for waking at 6am every morning. Some days I’m walking round like a zombie!

  5. Grannymar,

    Reminds me of the woman who went to the dentist and said ” Oh,Doctor, I would rather have a baby than get a tooth pulled.”

    To which the dentist replied,” Well, make up your mind Madam, so I can adjust my chair.”…..

  6. I love those chairs! My aunt in Co. Clare has one and it looks out over a rolling field. Its great just sitting there with it on and looking out at the view.

  7. I tried one and agree that it is sheer heaven. Maybe you need to have a bad back to appreciate it.

    It’s been so many moons ago I guess I might not be able to associate the moans and groans of pleasure when using the chair to the sounds I might have made during sex.

  8. @Judy – I did try one of those chairs a couple of years ago – afull recliner. They are rather expensive and take up a quite an amount of space. What I have is the answer.

    @Nick – I seem to hear the shipping forecast at 12.55am and again at 5.20am most days. I rarely have unbroken sleep between them!

    @Nancy – That is a good one. Enjoy your holiday.

    @Phil – I always liked pressure when having a massage so they are wonderful for me!

    @Ben – I just close my eyes and imagine I am in the middle of a field.

    @Lottie – well it will soon be stocking time!

    @Darlene – I can always dream! 🙄

  9. Steph was right, I sure could have done with one of those yesterday for my poor sore back! I’d LOVE one. My hairdresser has a vibrating chair at the sink but it’s not the sort of place one feels comfortable goin ‘Ahh yes, yes YES!!”

  10. Baino

    My hairdresser charges enough to buy several chairs like that! The only thing he give me free is an hour of abuse, read banter!

  11. Grannymar, I’ve heard a lot of people in blog stalk about you, but This is the first post I’ve read from you in a long time. Great stuff. had me laughing a lot. Although, I really feel sorry for Ellie. I don’t know if I could handle my mother talking ot me or anyone else about that stuff. I know I know I know. She’s a normal human with needs and all tha tkind of stuff, but it’s wrong! wrong I tell you.

  12. Welcome Digi Darragh!

    Are you another youngling who thinks that sex is the perogative of the under thirties? If so you are in for a BIG surprise! We had sex, how else would your generation have arrived on this planet? 🙄

    Thankfully Elly and I can talk about anything and everything, and because we do, we have a great understanding of each other.

  13. Markvader

    It is not recommmended to use it before bedtime because the massage has a stimulating effect and can delay sleep. So it might be just right for ther office chair to deal with post lunch slump!

    Not sure about that gadget you linked to; the lid made me think coffins!

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