On the move

I’m leaving on a jet plane by car this morning to head back home.  It is not easy leaving all these toyboys behind.  Don’t whisper a word to Elly … I’m meeting another one on my way for a coffee and a chat.  If I never appear again, my last will & testament is behind the clock!

I will be glad to get home, if only to rest my arms.  They ache like hell.  It happens every trip.  Now I wonder if it has anything to do with hugging Toyboys?

All these journeys start with hugs.  Last night I bade farewell and hugged my son-in-law, this morning I was hugged so many times by Elly that I began to get worried… was I going to come back again?

I began to think of all the farewells from my mother as we approached the front door on our way to school.  We walked to the door, two or three of us leaving at the same time.  ”Have you got your bus fare and your lunch?” was a usual question.  Then followed the ritual of her dipping her finger in the tiny Holy Water font beside the door and blessing each one of us with the sign of the cross.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, take you there and bring you home safe!

What rituals did you have before leaving home?

12 thoughts on “On the move

  1. Well, I remember years ago every time I visited my mother she would always ply me with food before I left. If I didn’t have any good excuses I would be laden with packets of this and that. I guess she thought I needed fattening up. Other than that, just the usual kisses and hugs – which seem to be a lot more common in NI than in England where everyone’s more reserved.

  2. Rituals before leaving home? Never thought about it. Though this morning I said “off to meet Grannymar a coffee and a chat. Back whenever.”

  3. Grannymar,

    You must have been very tidy.

    My mother would take the hairbrush and impose her idea of what we should look like, and then lick a handkerchief and rub various marks from our faces – which I’m sure were more imagined than real.

  4. Grannymar,
    I hope you have a safe trip home (and that you enjoy meeting yet another toyboy, you hussy!)
    I don’t remember any particular rituals…for a while we used to always have a vitamin C tablet shoved in our gobs on the way out..other times it was a spoonful of honey. I certainly don’t remember any hugs and kisses though 😦

  5. Your story reminded me so much of my convent boarding school days! Holy water everywhere, we spent half the day blessing each other and praying before breakfast/class/sports/bedtime etc!
    Before we leave the apartment, Eoghan and I usually say “money, phone, keys” to each other a few times before walking out and locking up. But when it’s just him leaving, I usually give him a joke kick on the tush out the door. He always pretends to look hurt, but it’s our tradition now and I know he’d miss it!

  6. @Magpie – What did you do to deserve the clip round the ear?

    @Nick – Mothers always have a need to feed their sons no matter what age they are!

    @Primal – it was lovely to meet you at last and I really enjoyed our chat.

    @Mary – My mother didn’t like the taste of cod-liver oil so we never had to take it. 😀

    @Ian – We were tidy on the way out. 😉

    @Darlene – The call to hurry up came much earlier.

    @Whoopsadaisy – Our parents thought that hugs and kisses made us soft! 🙄

    @Nathalie – I remember one day that the ‘holy water’ dried up, my country grandmother was due to visit within the hour and mammy didn’t have time to replenish stocks so she filled it with tap water! Nobody noticed or said a word.

  7. “Where are you going, who are you with and what time will you be home” a legacy phrase that I inherited from my mother and have passed on to my own kids. They have always let me know these three things! Very reassuring as they get older I can tell you.

  8. @ Laura – Elly makes me smile plenty!

    @Baino – My dad asked those questions and usually added ‘And can I come too?’

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