How Yiz Doin?

Good morning from a sunny Dublin.  I am actually wearing a summer top because it is so warm.  Summer has arrived in earnest.

So who wants to know how I am ❓

To be truthful I am feeling rather confused…

I am a Mammy and I have a daughter.  I got that right didn’t I?  Somehow the roles have changed when I wasn’t thinking or looking or listening.  It is all very confusing and upsetting really and for a ‘lady’ of my mature years, not good at all.

Yesterday when I arrived I was dispatched to the shops for a message and then when I got back I had to sit still and be QUIET because she was working.  Needless to say I kept my mouth shut tight but danced up and down like inelegant elephant just to get my own back.

Today I thought that peace would reign since she was going into the office.  Alas, as I was sitting enjoying the lovely coffee that George made for me (not a bad lad that fella!) when along comes little miss with a pen and paper.  Yes I did say PEN & PAPER!  When that happens you know things are serious.  ”I taught that girl well!” I said to myself…. make a list of all that you need to do and that way you won’t forget them.

It was when she started talking and writing like an old fashioned school ma’am that I began to get worried.

The paper was for a list of chores; to be done…..   BY ME!

You should see the list it is as long as your arm.  One item has 2pm after it!  Talk about time and motion.  At this rate I’ll have no energy for Toyboys tomorrow!

I would eat the list but for the fact I don’t like the taste of paper.  I can’t throw it up on top of a wardrobe ’cause they all go to the ceiling.  There is no fireplace to burn it, so I need your help!

How can I get rid of the list and what should I do to get my own back?

14 thoughts on “How Yiz Doin?

  1. Haha don’t you love it when the child becomes the parent. What about all those curtains and blinds? Well I suppose you’d better make yourself useful so I won’t distract you further . .back to your chores now . .go on . .. quickly! Now what’s on the list? Maybe I can help! A chore shared is a chore halved!

  2. Do like my boyfriend does when I give him lists of chores….do everything but do it badly so that I wont ask him again 😉

    See you tomorrow GM!

  3. Grannymar,

    if you’re on the north side of the Liffey, give the list to a bloke called Ahern, who will have no recall of where it came from or where it went.

    If you’re on the southside, just give it to the au pair (there could not be a southside home without one, could there?) 😉

  4. I second the “do it badly” advice!!!! Or do it sooooo slowly she’ll get fed up and complain and you can say,” If you don’t like the way I’m doing it do it yourself.” and then stomp off.

    That was my father’s trick with the painting and decorating…the stupid thing was that mother never saw through it…..he always said, “You do the preparation and I’ll do the painting.” then he’d start on a door and do it in the right order and slowly!

    Other than the jobs how are you?

  5. Too late for any advice, which would not have been helpful anyway… like go for a walk in the sun and lose the list on the way to the beach. I’ll be in KK tomorrow, looking forward to hearing your newfound wisdom on how to get rid of unwanted lists (I have a few of my own…)

  6. @Judy – I Sat down to think about the best way to do the jobs, that took an hour… very careful thinking!

    @Baino – You didn’t distract me but a Toyboy did. For nearly an hour!

    @Darlene – Our daughters know it all because we taught them! 😀

    @Maz – I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

    @Ian – I am out west so not sure who to give it to.

    @Magpie – My father who never did anything in the house always told us we should be able to write our name on any job we did. Alas now I find it difficult to do a job badly!

    @Cathy – I look forward to meeting you and all the other new friends at PodCamp.

  7. Grannymar,

    West Dublin is just a conspiracy of cartographers! It exists to promote the sale of Dublin road maps. You get a new atlas, only to find an entire new town has been built in west Dublin in the time it took for you to drive home from the bookshop.

  8. Ian there is no map of this place yet! A girl could get lost, especially since Elly takes me a different route every time we go out!

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