A Walk in the Park

Sorting through my ever mounting collection of photographs I came across a folder called ‘Walks’. It was dated 2005 and became an exercise in stretching. Stretching my legs, my energy levels and stretching my eye behind the camera lense. At that stage a digital camera was still rather new to me and I enjoyed clicking away knowing that at the end of the day it was possible to hit delete if they were a total disaster.

This group of pictures were all taken in Crawfordsburn Country Park in Co Down. It was the month of March. I had decided that trees were to be my focus for the morning.

Taking the camera for a walk was a wonderful idea to get me moving. I would decide to go as far as a certain point in the distance before turning, yet when I reached it, there was always another carrot a little further on.

This last one is my favourite from that day.

Enjoy my walk!

UPDATE: I just realised the date – 2 years ago today I was pushed over a cliff never to return.Ā  20th September 2006 was the day I started blogging.

Thanks Elly for all the fun you introduced me to.

19 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Well done Grannymar, two whole years blogging and you are an expert at this stage šŸ™‚
    Bringing your camera for a walk sounds like a great idea and with the sun beaming down here today I might just do the same myself!

  2. Thanks Niamh,

    I am about to take the camera walkies right now before the sun plays hide and seek

  3. I love Crawfordsburn, also the coastal path along Belfast Lough. But I hadn’t appreciated the amazing colours until I saw your pics. Brilliant!

  4. @Primal – Thank you kind Sir! I am still on the nursery slopes of blogging with plenty more to learn. (Like how to get rid of double spacing every time I hit return.)

    @Nick – I love Crawfordsburn Country Park because you have a choice of walks through the wooded glen, meadowland or along the coast.

    @Stel – It was a really nice day and the pics bring me right back there.

  5. That was a nice walk, Grannymar! I love the trees. But do me one favor and blog about how it’s possible to hit that delete button. I find it as hard to do as it is for me to throw old magazines in the trash.

  6. Congratulations from a bit of the moss you’ve picked up along the way….. I love those fungi!

  7. @Baino – At times it feels like a lifetime, but what a wonderful opportunity to make new friends.

    @Magpie – Like the top photo, we need the moss to add colour!

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  9. I’ve been meaning to come over and say congratulations on your 2 years. What a coincidence that we both started blogging on the same day!

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