Do you sing?

On another grey day we all need cheering up so I have the very thing for you.

I heard this on the PodCamp podcast today.

Ben Walker, a musician is in the middle of a song writing challenge. He aims to write 50 songs in ninety days. I love this one.



One…two… three are you ready



You’re No One If You’re Not On Twitter – the Twitter song

Sing up I can’t hear you!


11 thoughts on “Do you sing?

  1. Thanks for letting me know, Grannymar…

    I’m no-one and I’ve not existed 😦

    I’m off to bed to lick my wounds now… *sob*

  2. @Lette – Get down off the speakers! 😉

    @Steph – Come on, come on. Don’t sulk or you will miss all te fun!

    @Baino – I’m sure you can use a one liner to great effect! 🙄

    @Primal – Glad to oblige, only worry when it becomes like a Quik-Fit Advert.

  3. I’m loving this. I have been bookmarked, retweeted and blogged, thankfully. Which is good to know.

    I’m glad it’s no longer about achievements 😛

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