Tell me a story

Tell me a story,

Tell me a story,

Tell me a story & I’ll get out of bed.

I promised you, I said I would

I’ll tell you the story if you are good.

I’ll tell you the story before I go back to bed.

About a month ago I went to Dublin and was almost drowned in the flood.

I told you all about it here.

I even had a photo:

You heard all about the lunch…

A group of bloggers, dishing the dirt gossiping stuffing our faces sharing some tasty food and a bottle of wine or three while chatting about the blog world. No sin there you would think.

Now there was something I didn’t tell you….

We sweet ladies were gathered together to take part in an Irish Times Photoshoot for Lady Bloggers. The text of the article is available online but there are no photos available in the online version.

This photo by Brenda Fitzsimons appeared over two pages and I did my best to piece it together. So apologies to Brenda and to you all, but it will give you an idea of what the day was all about.

Thankfully we were all looking very respectable and ladylike. I wonder what they did with the other shots? Do you think they might be used to blackmail me? 🙄

Darling Toyboy Darragh, has a written very nicely about it here with pixtures!

21 thoughts on “Tell me a story

  1. Older and BOLDER is right!

    Great story, GM

    When I was at a function in the UK last week, I told some people that I was a blogger. The looks I got in response were hilarious…. “Huh?”

    How I wish I’d had a copy of yesterday’s Irish Times to hand. This article has made me even more proud to be a ‘Blog Her’.

    Well done everyone!

  2. None of my workmates present or previous has a blog so I’m definitely regarded as quite extraordinary! And I thought it was the youngsters who were into all this stuff?

  3. Well done, and what lovely pictures in the Irish Times. You looked so thoughtful and serious (but dare I say rather un-grannylike) in the one above the blurb for your blog 😉

  4. Tell me a story, tell me a story
    Tell me a story, remember what you said.
    Tell me about the birds and bees
    and how they made a chicken sneeze
    Tell me oh tell me and then I’ll go to bed

    Cripes, I’ve got that in my head for the day now!

    Again congratulations GM. next stop Kilkenny and after that who knows? Fair play to you 🙂

  5. @Steph – I get those looks all the time, moreso when I talk about ‘my Toyboys’! 🙄

    @Nick at times I think we are the young ones! There are many who visit and lurk here older and wiser than we are.

    @Cathy – I think someone mentioned my hobby as that shot was taken…! 🙄

    @Darragh – I’ll see you in Kilkenny.

  6. You looked great in the paper Granymar and Ihave found a couple of newblogs to follow now too thanks to the article 🙂

    Well done (and thanks!)

  7. What’ my neighbour doing there…or maybe it’s her sister!

    I think the U.K. attitude might go something like this:”Huh! Another one with nothing to say who thinks they’ve got something to say!”
    When I mention that I look at “ordinary” people’s blogs I get odd looks and comments.

    Just keep it up everyone.

    BTW I have recently been blackmailed (well pushed) into having a facebook account. Now I get expupils contacting me!

  8. @Niamh – Thank you for the kind words and for all the scanning of photos etc! Glad you found those new blogs to read and follow.

    @Magpie – Which one was your neighbour?

  9. Ooh aren’t you pretty in pink! Nice review over at Darragh’s too. @Magpie11, apparently the younglings are getting a bit cranky about the number of old fogies on facebook because their parents are joining to see what their progeny are getting up to! hehehe . . .

  10. @Red mum – Thanks, you have lovely eyes, far too good to hide behind a camera!

    @Ian Healy – Hello stranger! I was only thinking about you the other day. Podcamp is well marked on my calendar and you are high on the priority list to catch up with. Hope you are doing well.

  11. Haha,aw bless.
    “Could You Show Us Where Paris Texas Is?”
    “Yup,Just Over There!”
    Good Times,Good Times!

  12. Crap, I missed this completely!

    GM I know you in the pic and the lovely Annie and Redmum and Aisling from Beaut… But who’s who in the pic after that?

    I’m with Andrew. I wish I was a girl too. Boy bloggers never have get togethers. We threatened one, but it never happened 😦

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