Today I was up and out early

The mist was so thick I couldn’t see the end of the garden. There was no way I could avoid seeing this

And this.

There was no sign of the lady who crafted this lacework. I hope she is not in the garage 😉

Now I have forgotten why I went out in the first place…

I’ll tell you tomorrow when I remember. Well I am old and bold.

7 thoughts on “Today I was up and out early

  1. No problem, Grannymar, she’s in Baino’s dunny.

    (Do you think we should have a whip round to get Baino a flush toilet? After all, you had an electric washing machine in the 1940s!)

  2. Now c’mon Rev. I have a flush toilet! Actually, someone squished the baby! Scaredy cat poker playing boys! But feel free to have a whip round – it prolly would go on a nice chardy or a fizzy pinot

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