There’s colour in my life

What a difference a day makes few minutes make.

19.04 hrs

You saw this skyline by day with the men working on the camera. The last time I had a shot of the sun setting it was way off to the right of this photo.

19.06 hrs

I just kept clicking and picked the best.

19.08 hrs

They were all taken last night.

19.12 hrs

And then the phone rang…

19.23 hrs

The last one was taken with the phone in one hand and the camera in the other.

9 thoughts on “There’s colour in my life

  1. Amazing how the scene changes within seconds! I love the last picture, there is a sense a calm and peace in the blue and pink, the sun has set, it is done, we can rest…

  2. Ah as your days get shorter, ours get longer and hopefully I’ll be home from work in time to take some shots of the sunset. Lovely they are!

  3. @Cathy – I love watching how the clouds change the view outside my kitchen window. Visitors to my house always move to the back of the house and STAND looking out the windows, anyone would think the chairs were for show!

    @Baino I hope your longer days bring better weather than we have had all summer! 😦

  4. Only a woman could have taken those shots…

    Men can’t multi-task 😆

    Nice to see a sunset, Grannymar but please don’t get us started about that camera pole again!

  5. @Lottie – I once drove from Stranrear to Paisley through dthe early hours of the morning and halfway there the sun began to rise. It was a wonderful experience.

    @Steph – I only multi-tasked for the last one, and about the …. 🙄

  6. Actually GM I have Dublin, Belfast and Cavan weather on my google home page and you’ve had a worse summer than our Winter! I’m not gloating but that’s why I live here.

  7. @Stel – I love watching the dawn, but alas house at wrong angle to get the full benifit.

    @Baino – I know my brother loves to send me photos of a winters day in Melbourne – one cotton bud of a cloud in the sky! 😡

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