Knickers for Rick!

I can’t go! πŸ˜₯

I wish I could.

Alexia is plotting and planning.

Our very own Rick will DJ set next Thursday night at the SoundCheck indie club night in Spy on South William Street. It is not somewhere I frequent but as the saying goes there is always a first time!

As there’ll probably be a gaggle of bloggers going to the club to throw their knickers at him….

Do ladies do that sort of thing these days πŸ˜•

how about we all meet beforehand to formulate plans

Well I can’t be there and since Global warming is with us for sure,

I thought I would let you have these…..

18 thoughts on “Knickers for Rick!

  1. I suspect we’re on our way to talk of Kilts again as the graph tends toward infiniteinally small knickers.

  2. And of course with the credit crunch they’ll probably get even smaller so you gals can still afford them. Or maybe knickers will just be abandoned altogether – even cheaper.

  3. I dunno…

    I go out for a quick drink and look at what I come back to πŸ™„

    I shall be in the National Concert Hall that night and I’m not sure they’d appreciate knickers thrown at the stage there…

    and definitely not my 1970’s (style) knickers πŸ˜†

    And before you suggest it, GM…

    No – I won’t be dropping into the Indie Club on way home as I’ve a very early morning flight to catch.

    What’s your excuse then?

  4. Haha . .you should go you groovy granny, I’ll send you some glow sticks!! ntz ntz ntz ntz . . .
    (Used to call CB’s knickers ‘a waste of a peg’) I actually miss hanging those bits of string on the line!

  5. Not a lot…for once I got to my computer before the rest!

    I did find myself wondering if Mozart ever had undies thrown at him?

    And see Nick’s onto the kilt thing too!

  6. @Steph – ‘Bridget Jones’ style are all the rage! πŸ˜‰

    @Baino – I will be busy at home.

    @Magpie – In Mozart’s day perhaps they threw their stays!

  7. Maybe a co-ordinated throw over the phone on your command GM? Not that I’m encouraging this sort of thing of course πŸ™‚

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