Well, how did you do?

Did you hand in your homework?

I am very tired after my busy day so you will have to be patient for all my news.

Full house

Good talks

Good craic

Good food

Oh! So you want the answer. I wondered why you were all hanging around.

Da Dah!


Don’t believe me…scroll on down!

That fooled you!

15 thoughts on “Well, how did you do?

  1. Morning all!

    I’m back… I think I am nearly awake.

    @Primal – You are kidding me! Blame that Nancy, she was in charge 😉

    @Sam – I would hate to be that colour.

    Baino – This ‘bottom sausage’ might put me off Salami for life!

  2. Nice to meet you yesterday Grannymar.

    I like the bum/sausage.
    Apologising for too much information so early on a Sunday, but I’m a bit more corned beef coloured myself.

  3. @Sharon – It was good to chat with you yesterday.

    @ Judy – Nancy fooled us all.

    @Sixty – With Nancy, my blog was in good hands! 😉

  4. Nancy must have a million of ’em. She really gets our attention. Most people thought they were looking at a thong in the first photo. I wonder what the psychologists would have to say about that?

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