Away Day

Now you all know to behave while Grannymar is at CreativeCamp in Belfast. It might be a long day. I hear tell that Davy Mc is giving a demo! No, I refuse to be a model. Andy & Phil might be a better bet.

In the mean time…

Nancy will be in charge. She has sent a little puzzle to tax your brains..

Can you guess the nationality?

Now no cheeking cheating down the back of the room.

Answer tomorrow if I survive! 🙄

19 thoughts on “Away Day

  1. Now you have fun while I spend the day mooning around the house working out how to dry 24 T shirts and 10 pairs of landscaper’s shorts on a day that’s more like a Summer’s day in Ireland than a Spring day in Aus! I think I have it but I won’t give it away . . hot buns that Nancy!

  2. Baino,

    I figured you would know the answer;being the Wizard of Oz and all!

    Happy drying. We are having the remains of Hurricane Hanna here today. Heavy rain which we really need! Come back tomorrow and GM will let you know if what you are thinking is right…

    Jo: You could be right! .They don’t call this girl Pumpkin Cheeks for nothing….

    Ellen: You’re close. Maybe Norn Iron,as Grannymar calls it.

    Paddy Bloggit: I’m sure you would be the first to volunteer to apply that lotion,right? It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.

  3. Inner Buttcrakistani?


    Wait: that could be a guy with great pecs wearing a woven necklace.


    I will be studying this all day… I’ll get back to you…

  4. God, Sixty, you were so close on your first guess!!!

    Thongolian, not so much!

    Could be the guy with the great pecs but if that was true, Grannymar would have kept that bad boy all to herself.

    Photoshopvian? Try again, Sixty. You are on the right track.

    Can’t wait for you to come back with your next guess.
    I’ll be Waiting……..

  5. Nick,

    The dress that goes with that bra leaves very little to the imagination…

    Something like a dress I once bought. It had a very low neckline and was extremely short. In fact, when I got it home I found out it was a belt!

  6. Judy,

    Brazillian, huh? I’ll bet that smarted!!!!!! I’d rather wear a swim suit from the Gay Nineties than go through that!

  7. In the immortal words of Sub Leuitenant Phillips: ” Oooh! ..I say!”

    seen this one before I’m sure butt where?

  8. So, Mag, while you wrack your brain to remember where you have seen this before ,I will Google Sub Lieutenant Phillips and find out who HE is and why he said the Immortal words “Oooh!..I say!
    He’s not the same Phillips Princess Margaret loved, is he?

  9. Mag,

    Sorry about not knowing the famous Sub Lieutenant Phillips of the Navy Lark. Google tells me that the show went off the air in 1977 so if I ever knew of it, I had forgotten it.

    From reading about it on Google it sounds like a very funny show and with the complete absence of any humorous programs on the air today ,I would love to see it come back.

    Let’s start a demonstration at the BBC to bring it back. We could all use the laughs… While we are at it, how about bringing back Basil Faulty,too?

  10. Asstravarian.

    Is this a real nationality? No. It would have to be a funny, right?


    Upper Krackan.

    I have it! I have it! She is bi-national Czech Djaboutie!!!!

    Tra la, tra la. I win. I win. I win. Grannymar owes me. w00t!

  11. Sixty,

    You are very close to guessing the real Nationality with your guess of Czech citizenship.

    The country of origin is near the Czech Republic…..

    Close,Sixty, but no cigar!

  12. hee. just came in from smoking a see-gar.

    Outer Ucrackian?

    If Grandad were here, he’d know! This better be good, because I will look you up if this doesn’t meet my high standards! 🙂




    Isn’t it tomorrow there yet? I’m in the U.S. Central Time – it must be tomorrow there by now.

  13. Hi Nancy

    If it weren’t fo the Reunion Programme on BBC Radio 4 last Sunday I’d probably not have remembered Leslie Phillips saying it!
    You might get it on Listen Again!

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