8 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ A Little Sweetner

  1. Hahaha . . over hear a couple of oyster farmers have worked out that by giving their little shellfish a dose of viagra they can sell to the Asian Market (not allowed here by the Food and Drug Registrars). They’re making a killing . .now oysters really are an aphrodesiac. But what happens if women eat them?

  2. Oh there is just too much scope for abuse there.

    I actually came across a new product in the chemist yesterday. No not that kind of product….

    A GHB testing kit. €7.50 for a pack of 4 sachets. If you think you’re drink has been spiked poor it in and it turns green or something like that. I don’t know – if it hasn’t been spiked, you just ruin a perfectly good drink.

  3. Hi Lottie,

    Sorry you came by the ‘colourful’ route!
    Hope you had your eyes closed in the hell hole with 113 other items that you won’t get from the chemist. They are banished forever 😀

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